Technology Class

Apps that we have done

Go Animate

The GO Animate app lets you imagine anything you want and also lets you explain anything you want

  • Go Animate lets you explain anything you want and it will let you explain it clearly
  • It lets you search anything do help you with you presentation and to make it better
  • You can select any setting to make it look more realistic

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck lets you create an easy presentation about any topic you want and it lets you add voice to it to make your point clear

  • You can search any picture you want to make your presentation better
  • You can also change fonts and color to make the font stand out
  • Haiku Deck has a bunch of pictures to choose from to help you look like you know what your talking about


I Movie lets you make a simple and quick presentation about a topic

  • I Movie lets you insert music and photos to make it entertaining
  • You can change font and color to make your presentation more clear
  • I Movie lets you add voice to it to explain things better

Explain Everything

Explain Everything lets you create a quick presentation about a topic to make your subject clear

  • Explain Everything lets you write and change color so you can see your writing
  • Explain Everything also lets you change your text to make it more fun and colorful
  • You can add voice so you can explain it that way too


iTrailer is like iMovie but you can only create a one minute presentation

  • iTrailer has many different settings like retro,superhero,scary, and family
  • iTrailer lets you put pictures into your presentation
  • iTrailer already has the presentation pre-loaded so you just have to put voice in it