Baby Island

We Tradin Babys Ova Here


This Magnificent Baby Island is location 100 miles of the Gulf of Mexico on a 75,000 sq.ft piece of land.

How Did We Originate?

We started off gathering unwanted babies deserted on peoples porches. We took the babies into our care, and after we realized we had an overload of babies we decided to move to an island where we would have more room to regenerate more of them. We began making profits from selling these babies to our partner islands. We realized we could be making way more money if we could sell these babies in the United states as well, and so we did. After making that guap we officially named the island Baby Island.

Type of Economy?

Market Economy

Type Of Government

Democracy- the people decide who they want to sell their babies to.


English, Chinese, Spanish, & French


20 women & countless number of babies

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote

10 Laws

1.No Smoking

2.No Stealing Babies

3.No selling babies for the free

4.Must believe In God

5.Each Female must care for 3 babies

6.Must have a home suitable for children

7.Must have experience in giving birth

8.No animals

9.Pay depends on number of babies you sell

10.Must provide own transportation to travel to United States

Current Event Baby Boom!!!!!

Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 4am

Baby Island

On January 22, 2015, women of Baby Island gave birth to countless numbers of babies. the number of babies has exceeded the available space provided. Baby Island is calling all people from the U.S. of this baby boom to reach in their pockets and pull out as much cash as they can to purchase some of these babies. They would gladly appreciate it.

Current Event Bucks On Babies

Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 9pm

Baby Island

Recent news. Baby Island Cars givers invested $20,000 worth off of sold babies. This is an outstanding amount compared to last seasons revenue. When asked what they were going to do with the money, they implied spending the funds on Opening new day cares for thier children. .

Current Event Missing Babies

Monday, Jan. 5th, 11pm

Baby Island

2,000 babies were found missing from Baby Island January 5, 2015 at approximately 10:45 on Monday Night. This not only effects business but brings sorrow to the mothers of Baby Island. if you have any where about of these babies please call Baby Island at 219-788-9564,
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Our Trading Partners

  • California
  • Florida Keys
  • Texas
  • L.A.

Apart of The U.S.???

Nope... we we refuse to pay taxes!!!