Puyallup Juniors Monthly

January 2020


We thank you for choosing Puyallup Juniors as part of your player's volleyball journey. We look forward to working with your player to build their skill set, continue to grow, and learn to love the game of volleyball.

Hope everyone is having a great New Year! Puyallup Juniors is off to a great start this season with several teams in the top flight of their age groups, 1st place finishes in multiple tournaments, and we are looking forward to continued growth throughout the season.

Please remember that payments are due by the first of the month. If you are not current on your account your player will not be able to participate in practice or tournament and a late fee will be added. Please email us at puyallupjuniorsvbc@gmail.com to communicate any difficulties that may come up, delaying your payment. Communication is key.

At this point, all uniforms should be ordered and received, your player's ref/score course should be completed, and USAV Memberships should be upgraded.

If not, your player will be ineligible to practice or play in tournaments.

Parents' Night Out is just around the corner. This is a night filled with food, music, a silent auction and more. All profits made at team silent auction tables go back to the team. Tickets will be distributed next week. All players are expected to sell 10 tickets. All proceeds from the silent auction will go directly to the team.

As of January, practices are closed. Spectators are able to attend for only the first 30 and last 30 minutes of practice. Spectators are only allowed to be in seating areas; not on training courts, sport courts, or on equipment. We discourage being siblings to practice, but if you need to, they need to stay in the spectator area and be fully supervised at all times.

As we continue through the year, we will post updates and any immediate communication through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so make sure to follow us by using the links below.

Thank you for supporting and being a part of the Puyallup Juniors Family, we are so happy to be working with your player!!


Maria Brauner

Owner & Executive Director of Club Operations


Upcoming This Month



18 Power League Seeding (17N)

Sunrise Tournament (12N, 12B, 12P, 12W)


16 Power League Seeding (15N, 16N, 16R)


15 Power League Seeding (15R)


14 Power League Seeding (13N, 13R, 13P, 14N, 14R, 14P)


Matt Hartner MLK Tournament (15N, 16N, 17N)

NW Jrs MLK Tournament (14N)


NW Jrs MLK Tournament (12N)


Power League #1 (12N, 12B, 12P, 12W, 15N, 16N, 16R)


Power League #1 (13N, 13R, 13P, 14N, 14R, 14 P, 15R, 17N)


ALL CLUB PICTURE DAY - STARTS AT 5 (team times will be distributed soon)

Team Commitment Reminder

As we are getting to Tournament Season, we wanted to give some reminders to everyone about tournament guidelines.

  • Arrive an hour prior to start time, not your playtime
  • If running late, contact coach immediately
  • If injured, still assumed to be in attendance to practice and tournaments
  • If your player does not complete the tournament schedule - there is an early termination fee

Tournaments are not optional, they are part of your contract with our club.

Parents' Night Out

Friday, March 13th, 7pm

16719 110th Avenue East

Puyallup, WA

Your ticket includes:


Beverage ticket

Silent Auction

DJ and Dancing

Positional Practices

We will be holding positional lessons on Fridays.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for information on this schedule

Travel Teams - Communicate with your Team Parents for Travel Information

View Tournament Schedules here

Remember, The Director reserves the right to make changes to these schedules at their discretion.