Mexican-American War 1846-1848

Joshua Brock, Nathan Hux, Raghav Chintala

Info for War

Famous Wars: Fort Texas, Palo Alto, Monterrey, Thornton affair, etc.

War Justified?: yes, American blood was shed on American soil.

Which side was more justified: Mexico

War avoided?: Yes, we didn't have to fight for land.

Difference if war never happened?: Mexico could have been larger and America Would be smaller.

Name for treaty that ended war?: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

General Santa Anna

President Polk was persuaded by Santa Anna that if he was able to go back to his home country Mexico then he would end the American-Mexican war. When he arrived in Mexico he immediately double crossed them and fought Texas.

Governments of Each Side

Nations view on Texas' annexation?: Some Mexicans thought Texas was still apart of Mexico but U.S. wanted it.

What did each nations do to resolve their conflicts before war?: U.S. tried to buy land and set up boundary as the Rio Grande but Mexico refused.

Boundary between U.S. and Mexico before war and after?: Nuceus River and Rio Grande.

Why does the U.S. Mexican War have so many different interpretations?: They were different sides and made their own stories.