St Joan Of Arc EX-Scholars Meeting

Meeting Details:

100 years celebration

This meeting is going to to be about the planning for the future and the DREAM we have for the School. We are in the planning face to mark the milestone of the school achievement by celebrating the 100 years of history in year 2020
Continuous planning the 100 years celebration in year 2020


Saturday, Sep. 27th, 1-2pm

Saint Joan of Arc School

Time is running out so be the change that marks the history in year 2020. Ex-scholar we kindly requesting you to take out an hour of your time for the change that we are driving to achieve. BE PART OF THE HISTORY THAT BRINGS CHANGE

Contact Detail:


Contacts the following people for more details of the meeting: Clara Emmitt (9395136), Kim Rounds (9277996), Isimeli Ratulevu (7852376), Dolly Bennett (8605026), Asat Khan (8626242) Sitiveni Weleilakeba (7805407)