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What Is School Improvement?

School Improvement is one of several professional learning service (PLS) departments at Genesee Valley BOCES. We aim to provide professional learning and instructional training that aligns with NYS Standards and support local districts with continuous school improvement initiatives. Our intention is to work collaboratively with districts/schools to prepare all students for post-secondary opportunities.

Why Use The School Improvement Department?

The team's diverse background affords districts the opportunity to leverage expertise in order to attain school improvement goals. Below you will find more information regarding our team members. Also, utilizing CoSer 526 enables districts to creatively problem-solve to meet local needs, while being fiscally responsible.

What Services Can School Improvement Provide?

Embedded Work

School Improvement partners with Genesee Valley component districts in an embedded fashion to support continuous improvement. This could include creating short and long-range goals regarding curriculum development, instructional practices, assessment creation, and analysis of data. Embedded work can also consist of creating stakeholder transformation teams focusing on areas of improvement. Embedded work could occur at building-level facility meetings, department meetings, grade-level meetings, after/before school, conference days, summer curriculum hours, or asynchronously.

Curriculum Support Could Include:

  • Facilitation of the creation or revision of a guaranteed and viable curriculum based on the "Rigorous Curriculum Design (RCD)" Process (developing units of study/pacing guides that include: prioritized and unpacked standards, unit-level learning intentions, and success criteria, and assigned assessments of quality)

Instructional Support Could Include:

  • Customized professional learning on topics such as classroom management, student engagement, instructional models, explicit instruction, high leverage teaching practices, cognitive science, formative assessment tasks, and quality questioning

Assessment Creation Could Include:

  • Customized professional learning on assessment literacy
  • Facilitation of the creation of assessment blueprints
  • Support with assessment quality

Analysis of Data Could Include:

  • Supporting and/or facilitation of district data teams to leverage data analysis for improvement purposes (large scale accountability data through classroom data)
  • Assist district leaders with the implementation fidelity of district and building systems

Regional Professional Learning Opportunities (PLOs)

The School Improvement Team also offers synchronous and asynchronous regional PLOs regarding curriculum, instruction, assessment, and much more. School Improvement plans sessions considering the regional needs of stakeholders and capitalizes on collaborative partnerships within our area. School Improvement also partners with the Mid-West Joint Mangmagnent (JMT) BOCES Team on various projects, including bringing featured speakers to our area. Use the links below to access the regional PLOs being offered for the upcoming school year, and see what featured speakers are coming to our JMT area.

Regional Cohorts

Regional cohorts afford teachers and administrators the opportunity to connect with like district staff. The cohort model is structured to provide NYSED/regional updates and collaborative opportunities. The goal of the cohort is to learn best practices and why they work, as well as what these practices look like in a classroom. Participants will collaborate with colleagues to implement the best practices and reflect on implementation. The cohort structure also allows teachers to share the implementation and reflections with the larger group.

Administrative Technical Assistance

At times, district administrators may want to consult and collaborate with members of the School Improvement Team regarding district initiatives, ask questions, and seek resources/tools to support and carry their work forward. District administrators can contact the Director of School Improvement (contact information below) for technical assistance or use Calendly to book an appointment.

Teacher Consultation

The School Improvement Team supports teachers in the region by sharing resources/tools, answering questions, and offering suggestions to improve instructional practices. Use the link below to schedule a consultation with a member of the team!

NYSED Liaison

School Improvement Team members act as a liaison between the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) and our local component districts to ensure the Genesee Valley (GV) region has representation at the state level. This is done by communicating updates and bringing state-level communications back to the region, turnkeying statewide professional learning sessions, and ensuring the GV region has a voice by participating in state-level stakeholder groups.

State Level Communication Could Include:

  • Sending new information to regional leadership listservs
  • Relaying state-level information in the monthly School Improvement Newsletter
  • Disseminating new learnings and understanding at regional cohort meetings, curriculum council meetings, and Superintendent Instructional Sub-Committee (SISC) Meetings

Who Is On The School Improvement Team?

The School Improvement Team is comprised of a group of dedicated and talented professionals who each bring a unique set of skills and expertise to the Genesee Valley BOCES School Improvement Team.

Director of Professional Learning Services (PLS)

Dr. Patrick Whipple oversees several professional learning departments within the Genesee Valley BOCES organization, including School Improvement. At times, the School Improvement Department will utilize Dr. Whipple's expertise in specific areas, or when district requests are abundant. Dr. Whipple can support administrators and teachers with tier 1 topics, with a focus on administration and leadership.

Director of School Improvement

​Stephanie Burns supervises the School Improvement department and assists the team with managing the work and requests. Stephanie can support administrators and teachers with tier 1 topics, with a focus on special education.

Coordinator of Instructional Services

Pete Greene can support teachers with tier 1 topics, with a focus on Mathematics.

Coordinator of Instructional Services

Kevin Kirkwood can support teachers with tier 1 topics, with a focus on English Language Arts.

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