HEI Impacts

Water and Land


In 2006 China built the worlds largest dam ever. The Three Gorges Dam is 1.4 miles long and 604' tall which is over five times larger than the hoover dam. This dam is fed by the Yangtze river and its 26 turbines provide over 18,000 megawatts of power. The dam is holding back so much water that its not getting to flow through the land. This puts more stress on the cities and towns that have to support the environmental degradation of the area around the Three Gorges Dam which results in a loss of resources for china.


The Three Gorges Dam has been one of Chinas largest environmental issues because of it's potential of landslide activity. This is a result from erosion caused by the increases and decreases in reservoir water levels. Aside from that landslides have already been a past problem with areas around the dam and dozens of people have died from a landslide. If the dam has any potential of creating a landslide I think it would be best for the people in China do break the dam and let the water run freely through the ground. Without the right amount of moisture in the ground things like landslides can happen.


Multiple choice questions

Level one question: What river feeds the Three Gorges Dam?

Level two question: why would not having water flowing underground create landslides?