Sports and Youth Development

By: Hadie Testerman

Young Athletes

Many children around the world play sports. Whether it's a school organized function, or just an after school activity. The main question i want to ask you is very simple. Do you think playing sports at a young age can help their future? Take a minute and think on that. My answer is Yes, it does. Why, you may ask? I have many reasons, conducted from my research.

*My Opinion* and *My Research*

My opinion* In my opinion playing sports does help your children's future. Why, according to many studies playing sports helps with responsibility, teamwork, leadership, and many more benefits. Playing sports also helps children with developing friendships and learning discipline. I personally play sports and I can tell you that playing sports as showed me how to navigate through some of life's challenges.

My research* You may have already known that having your kid playing sports was a beneficial, they get exercise and have fun. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the lessons they learn on the field are usually carried on with them into to their adult life. I have already stated a few reasons why it helps you, I didn't tell you that it helps with self esteem. The children cheer each other on to do better than they did the day before. All around sports are a good way to go. Some of you might ask, what if my child is not athletic? My answer is they don't have to be athletic to get involved with sports they can simply go and cheer on their team. What if they don't like sports? They can join band or just do any hobby they love. I stand by my opinion and research that sports do help your children's future.

More Interesting Facts

Sports can cause cause children to think of many possible out comes and solutions. This can better prepare them for their adult hood. All around sports benefit nonstop towards your child's future. Whether it's making people skills, or just getting active sports are a great way to go. There are many types of sports not just the field sports. There are other sports such as swimming, dance, skiing, and even gymnastics.


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Below is a YouTube Video, It helps further explain how sports can impact someone's life forever!

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