Education Act Of 1965

For The Sake Of The Next Generation!!!!!!


The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) was a Great Society program enacted in 1965 that allocates federal funding for primary and secondary school education and forbs the establishment of a national curriculum. This Act also provided a mechanism to hold schools accountable and increase equality in education nationally .

Who is covered under this Act?

The children of low-income families, particularly rural, Native American, neglected, migrant, homeless and English language limited families are the primary target of the provisions of this bill. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act aims to provide for their long-term welfare by improving their schools and the resources available to them. In 1965, when this Act became law, there was a large “achievement gap” stratified by race and poverty. The provisions of this act aims especially to close the gap by setting benchmarks and goals to measure the progress of students.