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By: Ben P, Nick D, Chris B, and Faith P

Kenny the Tiger

An inbred albino tiger with “Down Syndrome” (What humans can relate it to) like deformities was born years ago. His name is Kenny. The reason Kenny is this way is because people are greedy and only want the money. I think that we can all agree that inbreeding any animal knowing that it'll be deformed and have a miserable life is wrong. Sadly, Kenny did not live the normal tiger life because of the actions of these selfish people.

Inbreeding is the production of offspring from the mating or breeding of individuals or organisms that are closely related genetically, in contrast to outcrossing, which refers to mating unrelated individuals. The term is used in human reproduction, but more commonly refers to the genetic disorders and other consequences that may arise from incestuous (Incest) sexual relationships.

Kenny was a victim of the greed of the breeding industry. “He doesnt look like the average tiger. His teeth are mangled and his face is weird.” That’s what Peyton Napoliello and Ryan Sclar say about Kenny the Tiger. White tigers are very rare and with so few of them, the genetic pool is limited, and inbreeding is an inevitable consequence. Kenny’s parents were brother and sister. ¨Most of his siblings were stillborn, or died very young, ” according to Patricia Quinn, a spokesperson for Turpentine Creek Wildlife Reserve, where Kenny lived from the age of two.

However, a great benefit of having two copies of each of our genes is that damaging recessive mutations are rarely expressed. When on the other hand, when the parents are closely related (In this case brother and sister) there is a high chance of them both carrying the same rare version of a gene, with a one in four chance their offspring will inherit it from both sides. With enough damaging alleles in common this becomes like a repetitive game of Russian Roulette.

The sad thing is, Kenny is not the only one to ever have been the victim of inbreeding. It happens to thousands of animals frequently. Unfortunately, Kenny died in 2008 of cancer. He lived a miserable life of being coherent and having to be hand fed continuously. Inbreeding needs to have something done about it, period.

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A-Rod Hits Dingers

Alex Rodriguez was traded to the New York Yankees on February 15, 2004 from the Rangers. He played 3rd base for the Yankees ever since he was traded, but as of the 2013 season, he was suspended from playing that year for illegal drug use. He did not play the whole season and spent it all trying to get the fans to forgive him. He also spent it training for next season. When Opening Day was in Yankee stadium, the whole crowd cheered as he stepped up to the plate. Fortunately, I was there to witness the yelling, screaming, and whistling. “It was good to see the forgiveness” he said after the loss to the Blue Jays. He did the best on the team that day next to Brett Gardner who hit his first homerun of the season.

We all know who needed to be hitting homeruns this year though. That man was named Alex Rodriguez. “Dingers are the same as homeruns, the name just sounds better.” stated Will Findlay. A-Rod had hit a total of 659 homeruns in his career so far and is looking for that 660th which ties Willie Mays for the 4th most homeruns in MLB history. He started the 2015 season with 654 homeruns and now is only a few games away from hitting the tying dinger.

Recently, the New York Yankees played the New York Mets in the Subway Series. The Mets, who had the best record in the league played the Yankees in a 3 game series. Most Yankee fans were hoping A-Rod would hit his record breaking dingers during that series. As Peyton Napoliello told me, “If Alex would hit his 660th homerun off a Mets pitcher, it would be against Andrew Torres,” but Will said, “Buddy Carlyle who is a lefty pitcher with lots of off speed curves, that Alex will hit all day.” Though Alex did not face either of those pitchers, he still managed to hit one homerun during the series.

Now Alex is just one homerun short for tying Willie Mays. “It will take A-Rod about another two weeks to win the record,” announced Peyton. As Alex has not been able to play the field well, he is well known for having a great comeback season. “Alex Rodriguez is tied for the second most homeruns on the team,” says ESPN. Mark Teixeira is first but he is definitely known for hitting dingers. I’m sure it will not take much longer but A-Rod will definitely need to keep working hard to earn that record. If Alex can do that for the next few upcoming games, he is sure to tie the record then. Watch out Willie, Alex mays take your spot.

Sources: Will Findlay Peyton Napoliello

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Lebron James vs Michael Jordan

When you think of professional basketball, key players pop into your head, right? Most people think of the basketball legend, Michael Jordan. However, recently there has been a lot of buzz about the one and only, Lebron James. There has been a lot of debate about which player will be most remembered in basketball in the future.

Lebron James won his 2nd title in Miami, Florida and after he won this championship, people started to talk about Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan. Lebron James son even said that Lebron james can't be like Michael Jordan. People been debating this since Lebron won his 2nd title even today there still talking about it and people keep saying that Lebron will be there anytime now. Some people don't believe that lebron will get 6 rings. Today people are predicting that Lebron James will win a championship for his hometown akron and for the franchise of the cleveland cavaliers.

When Michael Jordan was interviewed by Ahmad Rashad, even he said, “If Lebron and him play 1 on 1 and his in his prime time he would beat Lebron James”. The other question that Michael really had to think about was picking between Lebron James and Kobe bryant. Kobe Bryant have 5 rings and 1 mvp and Lebron James have 2 rings and 4 mvp’s. He said “that If your talking about dominance of the game of basketball he have to pick Lebron but If you're talking about championship wise he said he have to be Kobe”. He said “If I have to choose between the 2 that will be a tough choice but 5 beat 1”

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Biggest Heartbreak of the Year

Okay, so imagine your favorite band or artist or even your favorite sports player on your favorite team, got it? Now just think... what would happen if a person from that band or the artist, or that athlete had suddenly retired and quit? How would you feel or even comprehend what had just happened? It’s truly devastating, right? Well this is what happened to teenage girls across the globe.

For five successful years the glorious, most loved boy band has touched the hearts of millions of people. One Direction is, or so we thought, and insanely close best friend group of guys. Being one who has been to their concert, let me tell you they’re not any ordinary boy band. They’re more than just a band, they are normal 20 year olds who have fun and don’t like acting professional and serious. That is what makes them so enjoyable to watch and so lovable. They are having the absolute time of their lives while doing what they love- except for Zayn Malik. Zayn is considered the mysterious one of the band and keeps a lot of things to himself.

This year, Zayn left the band because “it wasn’t real to him” anymore, and “he couldn’t go on feeling like this.” The news spread like a wildfire worldwide. Zayn claims that he didn’t want to let the fans down but he “had to do what felt right.” He wasn’t happy while doing it for a while but, “he did it for other people’s happiness.” He said on People Magazine, “It is crazy and wild and a bit mad,” Zayn continued. “But at the same time I’ve never felt more in control in my life. And I feel like I’m doing what’s right — right by myself and right by the boys, so I feel good.” Absurd, right? “Shocked and disturbed,” Cassidy Miller says, “because it was so unexpected and no one would have thought he would be the first to leave.”

Now obviously Zayn has done a good amount of harm with him leaving, which is actually awful. In Ryan Sclar’s perspective, he thoughts were, “I think it was really selfish of him because many people including myself were heartbroken. I read a tweet that included rumors of girls cutting and hurting themselves because they were disappointed that Zayn left.” Now, the part about the girls harming themselves is surprisingly true. Who knows how many girls did this, but many have cut themselves and as a matter of fact would commit suicide. Hot Global News states, “Authorities are reporting that six have already committed suicide because of Zayn’s departure, and have also revealed that they were all females within the age range of 11-15.” Colette Fahy and Lucy Crossley for mailonline and Sam Creighton for the Daily Mail say, “The news sparked more than 4,600 tweets a minute on Twitter, with a disturbing self-harm hashtag trending worldwide as teenagers posted pictures of their slashed arms, and encouraged others to follow suit.” Sadly, girls don’t know that in reality it’s just a 22 year old kid who wants to have his own normal life.

Zayn is shockingly now going solo and recording songs with Naughty Boy, and not too many people were fond of this. Within the week he split One Direction, he ventured off to go record with this Naughty Boy guy! He just recently came out with a single called “I Won’t Mind.” Fans were furious along with Zayn’s old band mates. Naughty Boy was flaunting off to the world about how Zayn had came to him and how they recorded. This put fans way over the edge into a pit of anguish and disturbance.

Members of what’s left of One Direction say,

“We’re feeling confident and are determined to carry on stronger than ever.” -Liam Payne

“All four of us are 100% committed to staying in One Direction.”-Louis Tomlinson

“All we want to do is make our loyal fans proud.” -Niall Horan

“You’ve always been there for us and we will always be there for you.” -Harry Styles.

In conclusion, fans would die for any member of this band, and having them hear this probably makes them feel like the happiest person in the world after what just happened. Now I know this all may not make sense to teenage boys or adults, however if you ever got to know this band for the past 5 years then you’d know how the rest of the world would feel. One Direction will continue on stronger than ever but will still remain friends with their close friend Zayn Malik. - Zayn’s new song “I Won’t Mind”

Shahid Khan aka Naughty Boy One Direction

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