2003 to present


  • nomadic arab tribes occupie Darfur
  • Darfur is part of Sudan
  • Darfur is bordered by chad and Central African Republic

What Happened

Conflicts devoloped between African farmers and Nomadic Arab tribes.That it is also a civil war between Darfur and the African goverment.

Displacement camps

Compared to Holocaust


  • The world sat in watched as genocide occured
  • They targeted certain religion beliefs
  • No goverment representation because Jews didn't have a goverment and Muslims didn't either


  • They gased Jews
  • estimate 600,000,000 people died
  • More then 250,000 jews were displaced


  • they shoot Africans
  • estimated 400,000 people have died
  • 2,500,000 people have been displaced