Bulldog Bulletin

August 13, 2021

The Almost Impossible Thing


Blueprint for a Successful Start

Important Back-to-School Information

  • The Return to School Plan is posted on our district and school website. Please review for important details of our return to in-person learning.

  • Looking for more information about school supplies, transportation, or the back-to-school parade? Click here.

Dates for Your Calendar

  • Supply Drop and Meet the Teacher/Tuesday, August 17th from 4:30-6:00pm. Please read and adhere to the provided schedule and guidelines.

  • First Day of School/Wednesday, August 18th from 8:30am-3:15pm

Health and Safety

  • A mask is required by all individuals who enter the school building regardless of vaccination status. If an individual does not have a mask when they arrive, one will be provided. Students should always have in their backpacks a spare mask.

  • Families will continue to closely monitor their child for any COVID symptoms. A health certification form and/or a blue wristband is no longer required.

  • Frequent handwashing will take place – arrival/dismissal, transitions, before/after recess.

  • We will implement physical distancing of 3ft-6ft to the greatest extent possible. Plexishields will be used as needed.

  • Preventative (SHEILD) and diagnostic testing (Binax Now) will be used to keep our community healthy and safe.

  • We will adhere to strict daily cleaning protocols, which include deep cleaning classrooms every evening.

Food – Lunch, Snack, Special Events

  • School lunches are once again free for all families this upcoming school year.

  • Lunch will take place in the classroom.

  • Please note change 8/16/21 - In review of our lunch procedures and health and safety protocols, we will be able to designate nut-free classrooms this upcoming school year. Teachers will inform you if this applies to your child's class. If preparing lunch or snack for your child, please do so in line with the information shared by the teacher/nurse.

  • Only healthy snacks and water should be prepared for snack. Please do not send your child with high sugary/salty foods, soda, or juice.

  • There is a designated snack time in the afternoon for all 3rd and 4th grade students. Your child’s teacher will have more details on schedule and logistics. There is no snack time for 5th grade.

  • Outside food to be shared with others is not allowed for special events/parties.


  • Please communicate your child’s modes of transportation and schedule to your child’s teacher (walker/biker, car, daycare, school bus).

  • Any changes to their mode of transportation/schedule must be communicated to the teacher and the main office.

  • Changes to afternoon transportation must be provided by 2:30pm on the day of the change.


  • Your child’s punctual arrival and attendance at school is critical to their success. Please make every effort to have your child here every day and on time.

  • Should your child need to be absent, you must call our attendance line at 708-647-2200 to report their absence.

  • You will be notified with a phone call when your child has been marked absent. Please contact the office immediately with any questions or concerns.

  • You will receive a notification by email if your child is often tardy or has missed too many days of school along with steps the school will take to partner with you to ensure an increase in punctuality/attendance.

More Nuts and Bolts...


  • Students may arrive on school grounds after 8:15am. There is no supervision inside or outside of the building before that time.

  • Students will arrive and report directly to their designated entrances off of Center Avenue. 3rd – Door C / 4th –Door F / 5th –Door E

  • If dropping off your child in the carline, pull all the way forward and always remain in your vehicle.

  • The only place students may be dropped off is in the drop off area on Center Avenue. Be patient and wait your turn to pull up to the designated area. Dropping off on 191st, the opposite side of Center Avenue, pulling up beside the car drop-off line (double parking), and other undesignated spaces creates unsafe situations and traffic congestion.


  • Keep your child’s teacher and the main office informed of any dismissal changes before 2:30pm each day.

  • Students are dismissed and released according to their mode of transportation to allow for a safe transition home each day.

Walkers/Bikers/Bus Riders

  • Released at 3:13pm

  • Walkers/Bikers should immediately report to the bike rack and/or their route home.

  • Bus riders will be escorted and checked-in by a staff member at their assigned bus. Students are expected to follow all transportation rules to continue receiving transportation services.

Car Riders

  • Released at 3:15pm

  • Students will be escorted by a staff member to the carline waiting area.

  • Students will look for their ride and walk to the vehicle only once it has pulled all the way forward and come to a stop.

  • Pick-up will take place only in the designated carline pick-up area. Please be patient as you wait to pull into the pick-up area. Picking-up on 191st, the opposite side of Center, or pulling up beside the car pick-up line (double parking) and other undesignated spaces creates unsafe situations and traffic congestion.


  • Ensure that you have access to and have accurate contact information in parent portal. A majority of communication is sent using this platform.

  • Bulldog Bulletins for families are published twice a month and sent via email. It will contain important celebrations and communication about what is happening at Churchill. Past weekly announcements and newsletters are on our school website.

  • Join our Churchill Remind groups for important Information and alerts to go to your phone. Churchill 3rd Grade Remind Notifications / Churchill 4th Grade Remind Notifications / Churchill 5th Grade Remind Notifications

  • Please connect with your child’s teacher or the main office at 708-798-3424 if you need information or have any questions.

Extra Curriculars and Clubs

  • Churchill will share information regarding extra curriculars and clubs that will be offered at a later time. Please stay tuned for more details soon.

Supply Drop and Meet the Teacher

Tuesday, Aug. 17th, 4:30pm

1300 190th Street

Homewood, IL

First Day of School

Wednesday, Aug. 18th, 8:30am-3:15pm

1300 190th Street

Homewood, IL