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6 word memoir

I Work hard and play hard

Write ten rules for your utopian society

1. You cannot murder

2. You cannot steal

3. You cannot fight

4. You cannot buy guns

5. You cannot cuss

6. You have a choice if you want to go to school

7. You have a choice to do homework

8. School is only 2 hours

9. You only have to be 14 year old to get your driver license

10. Gas is only 99 cents

Cast actors and actresses for the movie version

Winston smith- messi

O'Brien- Ronaldo

Julia- Beyoncé

Charrington- Terry

Parsons- Jack

Syme- Ethan

Tillotson- Alan

Tilotson's friend- Brent

Martin- Brett

Jones- Matt


Waiter- Paul

Winston Smith as a boy- Dan

Winston's mother- Mary

Winston's sister- Audrey

Mrs. Parsons- Danielle

William Parsons- Jones

Susan parsons- Croix

Inner Party Speaker- Brooks

The whore- Mia

The instructress- Sebastian

Artsem Lectuer- Peyton

Man in white coat- Maldini

Shouting prole- Puyol

Soup Lady- Morgan

Guard- Ramos

Guard- Sergio

Patrol man- busquets

Eurasian soldier- Lucas

Patrol man- Eto

Executioner- George

Man on stational platform- David

Youth leader- Michael

Party member- Jae

Party member- Justin

The telescreen Announcer ( voice)- Khafri

The washerwoman- Anna

Aaronson- Chris

Goldstein- Marley

Big Brother- Jonathon

Women at rally- Susanannah

Ministery worker- Alex

Intenogational room soilder - Reda

Prol- Johm

Create a new ending to a chapter 3

He thought he was still poisoned so he recognized himself a poisoned man and then he wrote on the table all of the nice things about the ministry, later he erased the writing and hid himself and started to realize if the ministry was real and started to question even more. Later he went out to get some coffee, and when he came back the writing came back.
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Create a comic strip

Ideals of freedom

Freedom can be anything for anyone because some people think freedom is bad and some people think that freedom is good for different reasons. For example, North Korea is where people think that freedom is not good and thinks that they don't want freedom and thinks Kim Jong un is the lord for them. And another example is for USA and they think freedom is the best thing that ever happened and thinks they are the best. Freedom is everything, for example there can be autocracy ,dictatorship, theocracy, and a lot more. Another country where people thinks that freedom is the best is South Korea because that is what they think freedom is the best thing that ever happened to them. Some people think they can't live without freedom so they will kill themselves because they did not think they can live without freedom. But in the other hand some people want to live without freedom so they they will beg for no freedom. In my opinion I would rather in 100% want freedom because it is the way better thing and and it would be more fun and I would have way more individualism. I don't want no freedom because it would be boring and it would be not fun because I would not be able to do anything and I would be by myself and would just talk to myself. And in addition if there was no freedom then races would might not be allowed in the country where there is no green and if there was freedom then there will be all races such as African Americans and whites and Asians and espanics, and etc. Finally I am happy that I live in a place that there is freedom and that I live inside of it.