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Cold Weather Time

As we really head into the cold January weather it is important for all families to know that we are still going outside (above 20 degrees). Running around and being active allows all our learners to be ready for the second half of the day. It is important for them have hats, gloves/mittens, a warm jacket and ski pants to play in the snow and be warm. If you are in need of any of these items please let Mr. Leander or Mrs. Capite know and we can help you.

NB Team Kids

Team Kids is a team of staff members that is focused on having our children strive for excellence in academics, socially, and through outreach. We help our families in need by back packing home essential food items for each child every Friday.

We are all very excited to bring this idea that was originally started by a 9 year old in Leominster to NBES. Team Kids would love to help you if you are in need. Please contact Mrs. Capite or Mr. Leander at 508-867-8326. If you would like to donate feel free to donate nonperishable items to add to our pantry. Together we will do great things!