Greek Mythology

By: Emma Whitlow

Call to adventure

The king on Perseus' island tricks him into promising to kill medusa. He does this because he wants to marry his mother and this will most certainly kill him.

Refusal of The Call

He does not want to leave his mother.

Meeting with a Goddess

He meets Hermes and Athena, they give him advice and help him with his planning.

Acceptance of the Call

He accepts the call because he promised he would do it but he does not want to leave his mother alone.

Crossing the Threshold

He must blackmail the Graeae to tell him how to find Hepherides which is crucial to his task.

Belly of the Whale

After visiting the Graeae to receive a bag that can carry Medusa's head without killing him he continues to get many gifts from the gods, winged sandals, helmet of invisibility and reflective shield.

Road of Trials

He meets Medusa and uses the shield to see where she is without looking directly at her and he beheads her to complete his promise.

Ultimate Boon

He receives Medusa's head which can turn anyone who looks at it to stone.

Magical Flight

He flies home and meets a princess whom he saves from a sea dragon.

Master of Two Worlds

He returns home and saves his mother from the king by using Medusa's head to turn him to stone.