Social Groups

Baby Boom

What: Was a population explosion when the birthrate soared. An infant was born every seven seconds in 1957. Made some of the biggest generations of all time.

Time period: In the 1950s but most present in 1957.

Location: All across the United States.

Cause: The soldiers were coming home from World War II.

Reason: The excitement was in the air when the soldiers came home.

Result: The children became some of the biggest generations of all time.

Significance: This made the future years have a large work force making the United States even more powerful.

To Whom: Business owners in the late 60s and 70s and so on.


What: Movies and TV was becoming big and many people wanted to become actors.

Time Period: in the 1950s.

Location: Hollywood

Cause: Movies and TV programs were starting to become the new big thing and people wanted to become a part of it.

Reason: There was money in the business and people wanted it.

Result: Many people did become actors but some didn't.

Significance: Was the start of the massive movie industry.

To whom: The viewers of the movies and TV programs.