Feel the LOVE and Overcome the NO!

I have to start off by saying I LOVE OUR TEAM! Yes I am feeling the love and I want you to also. I can’t think of a better way to feel the love for this business than the TRUNK SHOW. I love a good trunk show high. For the next week I am offering a fun incentive for booking more trunk shows so more of us can feel the high, sharing the new collection we purchased, growing our business and/or hobby! Please find the details below and let’s start playing!

I also thought it would be good to take some time to get back to basics and revisit the NO! The more you reach out, the more ‘No’s” you’ll hear and that’s ok. If you aren’t hearing “no” you aren’t reaching out to enough people and doing your job! This newsletter is a bit long but I really take the time to break down booking in tight, over coming objections and following up. Keep it as a reference. Let’s work smarter, not harder. (I’ve also included two important things at the bottom of this newsletter too so don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom).

Cheers to a great weekend and a great week ahead!



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Booking Incentive!

FOR EVERY NEW FEBRUARY IN HOME TRUNK SHOW BOOKED (and entered in lounge) will be entered to win business supplies, fun gifts and a bliss bracelet (the perfect pop of color for the month of LOVE)! Each new trunk show gets an entry - Book 4 shows - get 4 entries!

This incentive runs today through SUNDAY FEBRUARY 14th (VALENTINES DAY...awwww) and I will draw one lucky lady's name on Monday, February 15th!

AND ... for every 5 shows we book as a team, I'll draw a name for a prize!

Okay let’s break this booking thing down….First of all I do want to remind you that it is a two step process—a warm up (email or text) and then a follow up phone call. You are too fabulous to hide behind your computer or text…. make the personal connection. If I have to leave a voicemail I immediately shoot over a text too. If you try to skip the phone call follow up, you are missing a critical step and it will be sooooo much harder to book trunk shows! So challenge yourself to pick up the phone. :) Once you find someone who is interested…. here are some helpful hints:

Create a sense of urgency with let’s do it now!

Help your hostess envision a casual and fun get together 1-2 weeks out. What are you doing on Thurs Feb 11th date? Why don’t we invite some girls over for a casual and fun get together? I’ll bring the jewels and accessories. All you have to do is provide me with email addresses and I’ll do the rest. On the day of your trunk show, run out and get some wine and cheese and crackers and boom, done and ready for FUN. Encourage your hostess to let her friends bring a friend. The more the merrier

IT’S NOT A WEDDING! Make sure your potential hostess understands that this is easy breezy, FUN and casual and not expensive to do, but oh so rewarding – time with her friends and FREE and HALF OFF sparkle

Let's start with some top tips for BOOKING in TIGHT and it is about your MINDSET

1. offer a theme up front

2. make it easy breezy

3. "everyone knows what they are doing next Thursday, are you free" No one knows what they are doing next month!

4. I thought of you, let's do a fun Cocktails and Cupid and show with your girlfriends. I'll bring jewels, you invite girls

Doesn't sound too hard right?

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In keeping it FUN, GO WITH A THEME! When I offer a show to a future hostess, I love pitching a FUN idea!


Style Makes Me Happy Hour

Swing by for Style

Sip, Shop and Socialize

Sip & Shop

Sip & Sparkle

Cocktails & Couture

Cupcakes & Couture

Sparkles & Spirits

Sip N' Sparkle

Sip, Sparkle, and Shine

Bucket of Beer, Bubbly, and Bling!

Cupcakes, Champagne & Shopping

Books and Baubles (book club)

Eats, Drinks, and Jewels

Evening Trunk Shows:

Style Makes Me Happy Hour

Wine, Cheese, and Jewelry Please

Wine Down Wednesday

Margarita Monday

Eat, Drink & Be Styled

Girls Night In

Ladies Night Out

Mommies Night Out

Baubles & Bubbly

Bubbly and Bling

Sangrias & Stella

Samba, Sangria & Stella

Little Black Dress Revival


Start Your Weekend with Style!

Java & Jewels

Baubles & Bloodies

Baubles & Brunch

Bling & Brunch

Bagels & Baubles

Bellinis & Baubles

Baubles & BBQ

Coffee, Tea, and Something to See

Drop Off & Drop In for Style

Salon Trunk Show:

Brush up on Style

Curl Up & Dye for Style

SNIP Sparkle & Shine

Botox & Baubles

For Men:

Beer & Bling

Man of the Year


Ball, Beer and Bling

Playdate Trunk Show:

Bubbles and Baubles

Babies and Baubles

Mommy & Me

Valentine’s Day:

Get What You Really Want for Valentine's Day


Football Wives Retreat

(pregame trunk show before the superbowl)


Spring Bling

Luck of the Stylish

Green with Envy

Luck be a Lady with Stella & Dot


Juleps & Jewels (for Derby Day - first weekend in May)


Drinks and Jewels by the Pool

Red, White, and Jewels (4th of July)


Fall into Fashion

Fall in Love with Stella & Dot


Shoptoberfest (sample sale!)

Gobble up the Jewels (sample sale)

Ghouls & Jewels

Breast Cancer/Causes:

Think Pink

Boobies and Bling

Shop for a Cause

Trunk Show for a Cause

Generosity Looks Gorgeous on You!

Give a little....get a little

After Thanksgiving:

Give Thanks for Glam

It's never too early to eat, drink and shop Stella


Holiday Sip-N-Shop

Mingle & Jingle

Making Spirits Bright

Whoop! Whoop! Holla-Day Shopping Is Here!

Help Santa with the Sparkles

Deck the Halls with Stella & Dot

Christmas Cookies and Charms

Giving the Gift of Style

Girls, Gifts and Gab

After Christmas/January:

Bling in the New Year

Get What You Really Want for Christmas

Sip, Sparkle, & Shine!

New Year, New You. Look good, feel good.

Ball, Beer and Bling (halftime of SB)

Warm Up with Some Sparkle


When booking a trunk show—there are 3 lists:

1. Build a list

2. Warm them up

3. Follow-up

Need help building your Who Do you know list?

I always LOVE this FRANK video: https://youtu.be/G6IHDDTGJP0

When warming up, you can email, text, private FB message, IM someone so easy breezy words. Need some examples? I try to load our Rolling Gemstones page with examples. See some of them below!

(Note on this one making it personal to connect with the hostess!)

Hi Lianne Happy February! I love this sunshine after all of the snow! I ironically saw you walking through your neighborhood on Sunday! I was watching my niece Sophia, picked her up at Tracy’s house and then drove by your family. Did you see that Stella & Dot’s new Spring line launched? It is our best line yet. I am looking for ladies to help me debut our newest line and wondered if you could be interested. A fun style session with your girlfriends? “Cupid, Cocktails, & Couture” or maybe some “Wine, Cheese & Jewelry please”? There are many fun options. Our shows are easy breezy—everything ships to the guests and minimal planning required. Let me know if you would be up for it, or I can give you a call to see what you think. Chat soon!

(Following up with a past hostess! Lots of hostesses have an "annual" show)

Just saw this on Facebook and thought of you. I guess it was last year that you hosted your Mimosa bar brunch. With Valentine’s day around the corner, a cute GALentine’s morning could be fun again! The new line is here too! I am dropping off look books this afternoon to another hostess. I will pop one in your mailbox to see what you think and then check in, if you would for up for hosting again. LMK xo

(A brand new contact for Stella & Dot!)

I am sitting her opening up some of my new jewelry samples and brainstorming of ladies to be my debut hostesses. Are you familiar with Stella & Dot? We are a super cute line of jewelry, handbags, scarves and more but not your typically “home party kind of business”. Our brand is fun and easy. I bring my samples and you gather your girlfriends. Our hostesses earn free jewelry and shopping at 50% off. I handle all of the invites too! There are no icky presentations and our product ships directly to your guests (which means no sorting & delivering for you!). Like I said, easy, breezy and fun for our hostesses. I have several dates left for later this month and was wondering if you would be willing to give it a whirl. It would be fun! I will call to check in!


(note here giving her Specific Dates with Specific ideas of the "theme")

Happy February ! I love this sunshine after all of the snow! Did you see that Stella & Dot’s new Spring line launched? It is our best line yet. I would love to have you be one of my debut hostesses, now that the hectic holidays are behind us. What do you think? A fun style session with your girlfriends? Let me know if you are up for it and if so which would work best: Thurs. 2/18 “Cupid, Cocktails, & Couture” 7-9pm or maybe Thursday March 3rd for some “Wine, Cheese & Jewelry please” I will give you a call to see what you think. Chat soon!

(For those that have a birthday this month - check via FB events or in your stella & dot contacts under "Birthday this month")

Happy birthday month to you!! I had a great idea about how to celebrate your birthday! What do you say we plan a fun girls get together to celebrate YOU? I know I always struggle to try and think of something to do for my girlfriends around their birthday so why not get your friends off the hook and invite them over? They don’t have to do anything other than SHOP FOR THEMSELVES!!! When they do, you’ll earn rewards so it’s a win, win for everyone.

What do you say to a super low key night this month – you invite the girls and I’ll bring over the cupcakes (and of course the BRAND NEW SPRING COLLECTION) – my gift to you!

Let me know if you would be up for it, or I can give you a call to see what you think. Chat soon!

Hey Meagan!

I have a fun idea and thought of you immediately. The Oscars are at the end of the month - how would you like to have the girls over for a glamorous champagne party, and try on all the best jewels from S&D? We can watch the winners come in and compare jewels, haha! What do you say, are you free on Sunday Feb 28?

Overcoming objections: A lot of us are stopped by the objections we either imagine our hostess will say or that she actually will say. Let's cover overcoming the most common objections that we all encounter.

Some shows are going to be super easy and just land on your calendar. That’s great.

For the most part, there is going to be an objection. “What if” are the two magic words that are going to help you overcome most objections. Help your potential hostess see beyond her fears. What if - these are the two magic words that you can use to overcome any and all objections. Help your potential hostess see beyond what is stopping her (imaginary or real) from hosting a trunk show. You can acknowledge her concerns and then help guide her into seeing POSSIBILITY with WHAT IF.

In the new Stylist Guide – pg 39 – overcoming objections


That’s great because this isn’t a home party. This is so not like that. This is happy hour or mimosa’s & muffins or _______. This is a fun girls night out. I bring the jewelry, your girlfriends will come over and we’ll try everything on. You’ll get a ton of free jewelry. I promise it will be super easy, not painful for you, and your friends will love it!

Stylist Guide response: “I felt the same way! So you can imagine how fabulous Stella & Dot must be to make me change my mind. Once you check out the Look Book, I think you’ll love it!"


Not everyone could come to my wedding, but I still had my wedding. Not everyone could come to my birthday party, but I still had my birthday party. It’s crazy to think that everyone is going to be able to make it. People are busy and we can invite as many people as you want and those that can come…great. We’ll style those ladies up and have a great time. For those ladies that can’t make it, they can order online. I can give you look books and order forms to help you get orders from the ladies that couldn’t make it or they can contact me to place an order.

Stylist Guide response: “Not everyone you invite will make it – people are busy! It’s perfectly normal for only some guests to attend, but what’s most important is getting to connect with friends and try on great style.”


You’re working to help them get the hostess rewards and all the items on their wish list. Be lighthearted and make sure they understand that no matter what the trunk show is (5 people or 15+), that it’s going to be fun and worth your time and theirs to do the show.


Help your hostess create her WDYK list. Use a FRANK list to prompt them. You’re inviting people over for a casual get together. Everyone wants to be invited. Include everyone. They’ll be offended if they aren’t invited.

Stylist Guide response: “I had no idea either, but when I sat down to make a list, I realized there were lots of people I knew who would LOVE Stella & Dot! If I could help you brainstorm a list, would you be interested?”



Acknowledge that they are busy. Everyone is busy.

I love the FEEL, FELT, FOUND strategy.

I totally know how you FEEL. It's actually all the more reason to have a Trunk Show! I actually have FELT so busy myself. You deserve 2 hours with your girlfriends! I've FOUND that my friend are pysched to get together when we are all so crazy. I bet they are dying to see you. How fun would it be to have everyone over for 2 hours of wine, sparkle and laughs? How about a coffee break with your friends. Let’s find a window that works for you. Sometimes, the thing you least can imagine doing/taking on is the thing that you need to do the most!

Stylist Guide response: “I understand! Who isn’t busy these days? That’s why our Trunk Shows are quick, 2-hour style sessions in the comfort of your home. When do you normally get together with your girlfriends? If we can plan a Trunk Show around that, would you be interested?”



I’ve done trunk shows for girls in college, girls right out of college, in x community and y community and everything in between. Trust me when I say that people are going to spend what they want to spend. Half of our line is under $50. There’s no pressure to buy. My goal is to share the style with your friends and make it a fun event for everyone. That's why we invite a lot of gals!

You could do a $50 and under trunk show and only display pieces that are < $50

Stylist Guide response: “Can you believe half of the line is under $50? It’s style for a steal! There’s no pressure to buy! My goal is to share the style with your friends and make it a fun event for everyone.”



Ask: did all your friends actually go to the show? If they didn’t, they’ll probably want to go to your show. If they did go to a show recently, I bet they didn’t get everything that they wanted and they can get those items at your show. Give the analogy of shopping at Nordstroms, Target, Marshalls-- use whatever. Do you only go there once a year? NO. You go a lot because there are sales or occasions come up that you need new style. We’re refreshing our collection multiple times a year, so what they saw at a trunk show 1 month ago or 1 year ago is different from the next show they are attending. Your friends can just come over and have a drink, there’s no pressure to shop, but I guarantee you that they’ll love the collection. We’ve been featured on Nashville, The Bachelor, Housewives of Beverly Hills, InStyle and the Today show recently. Our pieces are irresistible, versatile and affordable. I bet you that you’ll be surprised by what your friends actually purchase! Your friends are coming over to hang out with YOU…the jewelry is just the icing on the cake.

Stylist Guide response: “Fantastic! I’m so excited that the word is getting out. I bet some of your friends couldn’t make the other show and some didn’t get everything on their list, so they’ll come to yours.”


Well, your place doesn’t need to be a mansion. Your friends don’t care how big or how small your place is. They just want to be with you. Cozy is better! We just need a space to set up the food and the jewels and we’re good to go. If they are adamant about not doing it in their home, then help them brainstorm an alternative location – local wine bar, restaurant.

What about co-hosting as an option? Suggest to her to partner with a girlfriend or with family member and have that person host the show at her home.


You never know where your next trunk show hostess or Stylist will come from. If someone says no, feel free to ask for a referral.

Stylist Guide response: “Thanks so much. Please let me know if you’re ever in need of some accessories. By the way, do you know anyone who would enjoy hosting a Trunk Show or be interested in becoming a Stylist?”

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Who is nervous about follow-up? What methods are you using to follow-up? What is stopping you from following up?

If this doesn't convince you to follow-up, I don't know what will!!!

Have you ever seen the process for actually getting someone to like your product who has never heard of it before?? Check this out!! This will convince you that you need to follow up to make it happen!!

Are you tracking what you are doing? Did you know that you attract what you track!! If you care about it enough to track it then you will begin to attract it too!! What methods are you using to track your follow-up??

Are you actually tracking how many calls and reach outs you make? Tracking is one of the most crucial parts of following up and feeling good about it? What methods do all of you use to make sure that you don’t forget to follow up?

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You are 1 call, 1 prospective, 1 compliment way! (one of my FAVE images of tenacity!)

How many of you have a follow-up or customer reach out as part of your business each week? How many of you are following up with your customers AFTER your show? Are you doing customer care calls??

While this business/hobby IS SIMPLE, it’s not always EASY. It’s a matter of carving out some time that aligns with your goals and following the simple steps to success. Make the most of your time and make it into a game and have fun with it! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to set up a coaching call or chat about your business!

Recent recorded calls/webinars:

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