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A Weekly Library Newsletter for Teachers

Vol. 1, Issue 2: April 12, 2021


Unless you are a paid subscriber to the NY Times, the popular news website will only let you view 3 articles per IP address before requiring a login.

Annoying, right?

Good news!

SMUSD staff and students have access to all of the NY Times (1980-present)

through ProQuest Central Student, a free research database

provided by the California State Library's K-12 Online Content Project!

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Step 1 - Login to ProQuest Central Student

Go to the MHHS Library website,

then go to "Online Educational Resources".

Or follow this direct link.

Find "ProQuest Central Student".

Or follow this direct link.

Login using the following credentials.

Username: JV747ZECUA

Password: >8UPm8~n

Please copy-paste the username and

password to avoid mistakes.

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Step 2 - Find the NYTimes

After logging in, you should see a teal screen with a search bar.

Click on "Publications", located above the search bar.

This will take you to "Publication Search".

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Enter "New York Times" into the search bar and click "Search".

There will be 9 results, the 1st result is the one you want, click there.

You now have access to all of the NY Times, from June 1, 1980 to the present!

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Keep in mind...

If your device is connected to the SMUSD/MHHS wifi, you shouldn't need to login to ProQuest. Off-campus access will require the username/password.

Please use copy-paste for the Proquest username/password. All ProQuest databases use the same login credentials.

Need help? Email us at mhhs.library@smusd.org

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