ENHS Staff Notes

September 6, 2015

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Any teacher who worked complete years in 09-10, 10-11, 11-12, 12-13, and 13-14 and who have a Federal student loan that falls under the forgiveness program (generally Stafford or Perkins loans) can apply for a $5000.00 loan forgiveness. Teachers must have taught for five years in a qualifying school. The process is long and tedious but for those who take the time the payoff is worth it. Teacher will want to contact their loan holder to start the process.


...so, Kathy, Rief, and I will begin to make our first round of official observations. If you have something special happening in your class that you'd like to showcase, feel free to send a calendar invite. We'd love to come and observe engaged kids in action. This does not mean that everybody needs to rush out an plan something special for Tuesday. It is our goal to have each teacher officially observed once by the end of the trimester...so, feel free to plan accordingly. If you don't send the invite, then we'll show up as our schedules allow.

Greetings from the APC!

East Noble High School-A Great Place!

I was talking with a father today and he was questioning whether or not ENHS was a good place for his daughter to be. He was concerned about the recent fights we have been having. I reassured him that ENHS is a positive place filled with wonderful teachers, students and opportunities for his daughter. Sometimes, the bad information is what is said the loudest and repeated the most often. But, I went on to explain, that those fights were choices made by a few students and they do not define who we are or what we stand for. We are much more! We have to look for the good, focus on the good and celebrate the good! Go Knights!

Lunchroom Passes

If you would like to see a student during lunch, please write that student a pass. Otherwise, we will not allow students to leave the lunchroom without one.

Thank you for all you do!


Bully Prevention

We want to make sure that our students feel safe at ENHS. If a student reports any type of bullying to you, please contact an administrator or a guidance counselor immediately.

We will be talking about bullying on an upcoming PD day and we will address it with our students during AL.

Our technology department has also created two other ways for students to get in contact with the school regarding bullying concerns taking place in the building. These are both anonymous tip lines.

Email: hs-bully@eastnoble.net
Phone: 260-347-5512. The phone call will direct students to leave a voicemail where they can leave a detailed message.

ENL Support

Students haveWorking with ENL students, (students who are Learning a New Language), offers challenges for all teachers. Starting this month, Alison Schlotfeldt will host after school sessions on the first Tuesday of every month to help you with anything ENL-related. This could include WIDA, academic language, language development, culture awareness, how to modify or accommodate your specific content area, or anything else you have questions about! The first one will be Tuesday, September 8th from 3-4pm in room 101.

Weekly Duty

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**If you have morning cafeteria duty, please remember to ask students to clean up their breakfast trash and not leave it on the tables.

Energy Audit Report

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Every Time A Bell Rings, A Teacher Turns Out Their Lights

8/31 and 9/1 - 6 and 8 pm

Mid to upper 80’s both evenings

Activities in gyms and outdoor facilities – academic ares unoccupied

Most hall lights off in majority of the building. Air running and building cool on Monday evening. Appeared off on Tuesday visit.

On 9/1 with no inside activities, lights were on in the aux gym, 707, 708, the trainers area and office and 711.

Good staff effort for early in the year.

Four computers on.

Two monitors on.

Four projectors on standby

Two rooms with unoccupied power strips on.

Thanks to all high school staff that help save energy and money for ENSC.

Round Table Cafe Menu


For reservations: swhite@eastnoble.net

Upcoming Events

9/9 Wed - Department Chair Meeting - War Room, 3:15

School Board - ENHS Early College Presentation - ENCO, 6:00

9/10 Thu - Staff Meeting with Ann Linson: Room 612, 7:15

ENSC AdvancEd Meeting: ENCO, 3:30

Upcoming September Events

September 15 Tornado Drill

September 18 Pep Rally

September 22 Evacuation Fire Drill