Southwest Region!

Taya Shelton

States in the Southwest

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.


The different types of farmings in the Southwest are, corn, which they grow on there farms and for people to eat. There are also weat, which is to make cereal, bread, flour, and even pasta. Another type of farmings are animals the type I'm talking about are, cattle, which is a type of cow. And last is horses which they use for getting around in.


There are many things that the Southwest has for manufacturing's. First I am going to tell you about Air conditioning, is to make sure machines and the workers are cool during work time. when the weather is really hot. Next, is Factories, that produce chemicals, computers, or even electronics. They uses Hotels and Restaurants for those who come to visit the area and to make sure that they eat. Another one is research, which some people do on technology or the regions history.The oil is mainly used for fuel cars, planes and other vehicles. Lastly is petrochemicals, is used in plastics, makeup, paint, food and even medications.

Land forms

The Grand Canyon is a really popular place that is in Arizona and you can go visit it anytime. The Rio Grande, is a type of river that is in Arizona. The desert they have is the Sonoran Desert, which stretches through Arizona, parts or Mexico, and Southren California. One last thing in the landforms are water, plato, and the steef clifts.


The Southwest weather is very interesting. In Arizona, New mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma all have the same weather like windy, humid y and warm it is always hot because of the desert in Texas so it will be hot there most of the time.


The different types of mining's are, Minerals, which is silver, gold, and uranium. Next is mines, which is to be digging something out of the ground. Copper, penny's and wire. Led, for pencils. Another one is coal is, for paper and gases. Black gold is what people call oil. Oil comes out of the ground in the thick black liquid that called crude. Another thing about oil is that they use it in gasoline, airplane fuel, medications, and fibers for clothing detergents, and even motor oil. And other lubricants. Lastly it is also in asphalt for roads. One last thing is that oil is costly found in Texas.