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Camels are very interesting and amazing. They are gentle and peaceful animals.
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Where do they live?

Camels usually live in deserts in Africa, Asia, and Australia. They can be wild, but most camels live with desert people.

What do they look like?

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The hump!

Camels have 1 or 2 humps on their backs. The hump is fat. Humps help camels to stay alive if they can not find food.

What do they eat?

Camels can live for days or weeks without food. When they do eat, they eat grass, hay, wheat, oats, dates, or similar food. They can eat any plants, even thorns!

Did you know...?

- Baby camels are born without humps!

- They can run when they are only a few hours old!

- Camels stay close to their mothers for several years!

- Camels like to be with other camels, they sometimes walk around in groups of 30 camels!

- Camels can drink 135 liters of water in 13 minutes!

- There are 160 words for 'camel' in Arabic!