Furry pets in the process

Erika huratdo

Furry but smart

Have you ever heared, I hate math ! I hate school if so your problem just got sloved. Maybe its furry but that does'nt mean that they are not smart . What do i mean come along to a journey.

How do you boost up

First I can tell you how to be the best student and do postive and good things in life parents i have sloved your problem make sure you have a list this down ...

It can help your child feel cofidence about there self and stonger make them keep trying and keep moving foward . Come on you can do it make that 100% percent worth it .

Wish came true teachers

Maybe you have heared don't talk back to the teacher don't talk when l do you are talking when i am talking. There behavior just has change to bad to sucessful teachers it time for your wish to come ture first if you wish if all of that to happend come and buy a class pet just like a guinea pig.
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Come on lets include class pets 😀😀


Think again pets can help your health makes your life a little easier what am i talking about you well see and find out ,you might think l am crazy but make yourself a healtheir person just like other people . People generally are happier with there pets more trust make better choice in life change your mood make the commutuity a better place says Mc Connell.
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How can pets show kindness

Its time for a quick lesson maybe you think pets are nothing they dont understand you buy actually they do what do mean you will find out they feel empathy need a story of course you do. My best teacher in the world mrs.jones had a hard time and her pet shadow show empathy and stay by her side untill she turn that frown upside down.

Lets show kindness

Who agrees

my class agree 61% if my class agree that pets showed be part of the learning process do you agree .

Time for a quick lesson

Somtimes you need a story to realate to for example, Ava Dyakanoffs Dads dog was a very loyal dog. Ava says that her dads dog saved him and his friend from a wolf in alaska. Just think! Dogs are very loyal and this one saved two peoples lives! How a surprise maybe you think its not true but it is.

Lets give them a chance

Somtimes is for the best to give these cute cuddly pets a chance to be part of the learning process come on let make this world a better learning place.


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Shadow and Reign

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