Gym Candy

By Carl Deuker

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Three major conflicts in the book

(Man vs Man) - Mick vs any running back behind because he is very competitive for the position

(Man vs himself) - Mick taking steroids and always second guessing and hiding everything

(Man vs Man) - Mick vs his dad in the beginning knowing his dad being an NFL athlete. Has a lot of pressure on Mick to be a high school star.

Themes in the book

1. Was him doing steroids the best decision he should have made?
" Okay you're going to stick the needle like its a dart. Go ahead and do it" this shows how tempting it was to take the steroids.

2.Him being so caught up with football and the steroids he missed out so many activities he could have done with friends and dates he could have gone to with a girl.

"When practice ended, I called the house and left a message saying I was going to miss the volleyball game and wouldn't be home till later."

Most memorable section in the book

Most memorable section had to be when Mick got jumped by the former quarterback and running back and was beaten to the ground. Went to the bathroom, puked, and came back out to the gym and finished his workout like it was nothing. He got so much respect after that day from the school/team ever since that day

Would I recommend this book to others?

Of course I would but mainly to athletes because almost any person who does a sport can relate to this because I would think every athlete that steps out there would want to be he best player in the game and this is what this story is all about and in the process it teaches a lesson on why not to take steroids