Wednesday Window

Module 6

Finishing up the term

We have now entered into the second half of the course, and my experience has been that sometimes students start to slow down and not respond to the assignments as thoroughly as they have in the first five weeks. Losing momentum can be unfortunate, so here are nine tips I would like to offer. If you respond to each one of these nine tips, you should complete the course with great success.

1. First - be sure to call or email me if there is anything you do not understand or if you want to talk through an assignment. I am here for your success, and I want you to call or email any time you are feeling unsure.

2. Read and review the Monday Module, Wednesday Window and Friday Follow Up announcements I post each week. Included in those announcements are additional resources, tips, handouts and materials designed to help you with your assignments that week.

3. Follow the day-by-day calendar that I post each Monday morning for each Module. Sticking to this calendar will really help with your time management for the week.

4. Read and review all the readings more than once. Studies show that when we read something two or three times, it really "sticks." In order to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader, so be sure to read the material thoroughly.

5. Read, review and review again the Assignment Guidelines and Rubric for each assignment. You want to be sure that you are addressing each one of the questions and prompts in the assignments, and then use the rubric to judge whether your assignment really responds to all the critical elements. The rubric is the tool I use in evaluating your assignments, so I really recommend having it next to you as you do your assignments, and then check your work against the rubric.

6. Submit your assignments on time. Point deductions are made for late assignments, and those point deductions can make the difference between a passing and not passing grade.

7. Visit and utilize the many amenities available to you. Submit your work to our online Writing Center for comments and help. Think about starting a peer review group with some of your classmates. The best writers develop a peer review group of trusted peers who review and critique their work before submitting it.

8. Visit with your adviser for important guidance and advice.

9. Communicate - Communicate - Communicate. Let me know immediately how I can help you. If you would like to set up a weekly one-on-one conference time, just let me know and we can work on your assignments together.

Studying the Assignment Guidelines and Rubric

Some of you are not thoroughly reading and responding to the requirements of each of the writing assignments. You should access the Assignment Guidelines and Rubric for your Module 6-2 assignment and read and study it thoroughly. Do be sure that you are responding to all the prompts and the requirements. As you write your paper, have the rubric next to you so that you can be sure that you are including all the components of each of the critical elements. Here is the Assignment Guidelines and Rubric for your Module 6-2 writing assignment due by Sunday night.

MLA, APA and Chicago Style Formatting

For your remaining assignments, I will be looking at your MLA, APA or Chicago style formatting very carefully and expecting it to be near perfect. You have many resources at your disposal to consult so that your formatting is well done. Formatting citations correctly is expected at the graduate level, so please consult these resources for assistance. If you do not know what style you should be using for your program or major, ask our online librarian and he will be happy to help you.