HMS Counselor Newsletter

Mrs. Locker 8th Grade Counselor

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences are taking place next Wednesday and Thursday, October 7th and 8th. Conferences will occur with your student's TC teacher (homeroom teacher). We hope everyone can make it! Valuable information will be shared by your student to you! If you have not already been contacted to schedule this, you will be soon.

End of First Quarter

The end of 1st quarter is Thursday, October 15th. The students will receive new schedules on Friday, October 16th. The ONLY class that will change at this time will be if the student was in computer or health first quarter, then the student will take the other class 2nd quarter.

Report cards are NOT sent home at the end of 1st quarter (unless your student is in a quarter class such as computer or health), but grades are viewable online. Report cards will be sent home at the end of 2nd quarter.

Check OUT HMS After School Activities

There are so many after school clubs available! Encourage your child to get involved. It is a great way to socialize and make new friends! If you need additional information, check-out our website or send me an email. I am happy to share our resources. On Tuesdays and Thursdays students can stay for HEAP and get homework help!!
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NCADA Presentations

NCADA is presenting to our 8th graders once a week in a core class (for four weeks). Because their identities are still "To Be Determined" this four lesson unit series helps teens shape a positive reputation and sense of self by building their integrity and encouraging leadership.
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