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August/September 2022

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Administrator's Message:

The 2022-2023 school year is off to a great start! We are so excited to hear the laughter and sounds of learning in our halls!

This year as a school we will focus on these areas:

  1. Strengthening core instruction
  2. Supporting students' academic, behavioral, social, and emotional needs to ensure the success of all students
  3. Increasing parent engagement

Safety will continue to also be a priority as we follow cleaning and sanitizing protocols, and ways to keep our students and staff safe on campus.

We are here to support you, your child, and their success this year. Please reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns.

Mr. Hewitt, Principal

Mrs. Mosley, Asst. Principal

Teacher Spotlight

This month we are learning...


4th and 5th grade Reading

We are revisiting and reviewing the main skills and strategies that make readers good readers. Teachers will be reading aloud a variety of fiction and nonfiction books and modeling the skills of:

  • how to read and navigate a variety of genres
  • making predictions, connections, and inferences
  • using prior knowledge to connect to the text
  • asking and answering questions about the text
  • identifying main idea and details
  • summarizing and visualizing the text

We will also be beginning our grammar skills units and focusing on a grammar skill each week - understanding and applying nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, proper nouns, pronouns, and simple/complex sentence structure.

Below are questions that students will need to be able to answer when reading their chapter book during this unit:

  • What is this text about?
  • What happens in this text?
  • What specific details and examples in the text can you point out to support your understanding of what the text clearly states?
  • What conclusions/inferences can you draw from the text? What specific details and examples from the text support your conclusions/inferences?

  • What is the main idea of this text?
  • What key details support the main idea?
  • What details will you include to write a summary of the text?

  • What does the word/phrase ________mean in this sentence?
  • What words do you know in the sentence that can help you figure out the meaning of that word or phrase?

*If you would like to take a deeper look at the NC Standard Course of Study for English Language Arts, please click on a link below.

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4th and 5th grade Math

Our district has purchased the Reveal Math program that all students and teachers will be using for math instruction for Kindergarten - 8th grade. We are excited to be a part of your child’s math journey this school year. In designing Reveal Math, we set as a goal to help students see math not just as a series of computations and procedures, but as a way of visualizing and communicating about their worlds and solving problems in the world. A second goal is to help students realize that being proficient doers of mathematics does not require speed with operations, but creativity, thoughtfulness, and flexibility.

We are excited to share our enthusiasm for math with you and your child. Reveal Math offers visually engaging print components and robust and interactive digital components!

What can your child do at home?

Help your child see math in everyday events and activities, such as setting a table for a shared meal, cooking, shopping, or outdoor activities. Provide opportunities for your child to build proficiency with the key concepts they will be learning this year.

What Will Students Learn This Year in 4th grade Math?

  • Multiplication and division - The major focus of students’ math learning is multiplication and division. Students will:
• learn another meaning of multiplication, as a comparison;

• multiply multidigit numbers by 1-digit number and two 2-digit numbers;

• divide up to 4-digit dividends by 1-digit divisors;

• solve multistep problems involving multiplication and division.

  • Fractions - A second major focus of students’ math learning is fractions. Students will:
• compare fractions with different numerators and different denominators;

• add and subtract fractions with like denominators;

• solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions;

• multiply fractions by whole numbers;

• use decimal notation for fractions with denominators of 10 or 100;

• compare decimal fractions.

  • Geometric measurement: Angles. Students will:
• understand that angles are geometric figures;

• measure angles using a protractor and draw angles of a given measure;

• solve addition and subtraction problems to find the measure of an angle.

  • Reasoning about geometric shapes: Students will:
• classify two-dimensional figures based on the presence or absence of parallel and perpendicular lines;

• understand line symmetry;

• draw lines of symmetry

What Will Students Learn This Year in 5th grade Math?

  • Fractions - A major focus of students’ math learning is operations with fractions. Students will:
• add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators;

• solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators;

• multiply a fraction or mixed number by a whole number or a fraction or mixed number;

• solve problems involving multiplication of fractions or mixed numbers;

• divide a unit fraction by a whole number and a whole number by a unit fraction

• solve problems involving division of unit fractions by whole numbers and vice versa.

  • Operations - Students will:
• fluently multiply whole numbers using a standard algorithm;

• add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals to hundredths;

• divide up to 4-digit dividends by 2-digit divisors;

• solve multistep problems involving multiplication and division;

• compare decimal fractions.

  • Geometric measurement - Volume. Students will:
• understand that volume is a cubic measurement found by multiplying three dimensions of a 3-dimensional figure: length, width, and depth;

• solve problems involving volume.

  • Reasoning about geometric shapes - Students will:
• categorize two-dimensional figures in a hierarchy

*If you would like to take a deeper look at the NC Standard Course of Study for 4th and 5th grade Math, please click on the link below.

4th grade Math Standards

5th grade Math Standards

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5th grade Science

For the month of September, 5th grade students were studying Ecosystems as part of their Life Sciences standards. This unit will focus on:

  • different types of ecosystems (terrestrial and aquatic). Terrestrial means land-based ecosystems include forests and grasslands. Aquatic means water-based ecosystems may be fresh water (lakes and ponds) or saltwater (oceans, estuaries and saltwater marshes).

Click HERE to go to a document that helps your child review for the Science EOG!

*If you would like to take a deeper look at the NC Standard Course of Study for 5th grade Science, please click on the link below.

5th grade Science Standards

How Can You Help Your Child with Their Math And Reading at Home!

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Students are learning to visualize multi-step word problems in order to effectively solve them using math facts, number sense, and PIES.
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Students are learning to use evidence from the text to answer inferential questions and show support for their answers.
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Please mark your calendars!

  • 5th: No School (Labor Day Holiday)

  • 19th-23rd: Book Fair

  • 23rd: Kona Ice

  • 29th: Progress Reports

  • 30th: Early Release - Students dismissed at 12 noon!

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Communication & Information

Our teachers do an excellent job of communicating information regarding our programs and activities going on in our school. Here is way you can stay informed proactively:

  • -DOJO (classroom codes are available from your child's teacher)
  • -Teacher, School and District Websites (
  • -LDES Facebook (Liberty Drive Elementary)
  • -LDES YouTube Channel
  • -LDES Twitter Accounts
  • -Newsletters, Information and Flyers
  • A phone call or an email is an efficient way to communicate with your child’s teacher. Please remember that our teachers are with students throughout the day and will return the call/email as soon as they are able. At times, this may be the next school day.

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    Student Attendance

    We are nearing the end of the first nine weeks of school and attendance is critical for student success. Please make sure your child is at school daily and keeping up with their assignments!
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    2022-2023 Parent Student Handbook