2015 in review

by Max White P.6

Three companies that marketed the best

1. Allstate in my opinion marketed the best in 2015. They used a popular football star, Peyton Manning and also have a very popular spokesman named Mayhem. They do a good job keeping their commercials brief, informative, and entertaining.

2. Nike also did a great job marketing in 2015. Whenever I got into the car to go somewhere I always saw a Nike billboard. Also Nike gets their product out there by having famous athletes wear them, which is a great marketing strategy.

3. DraftKings was one of if not the most popular companies in 2015. Fantasy football is extremely popular and their commercials are always on. They became so popular that sports shows have segments now just about daily fantasy.

Best products of 2015

1.GoPro Hero 4

2.Power Beats 2

Worst Productts of 2015

1.Apple Watch


Top movies of 2015 and how they were marketed

1. The Hateful Eight was one of the most hyped movies of the year. This is because it was directed by the most famous director in the business, Quentin Tarantino. Every movie he has directed has been phenomenal so those movies pretty much marketed for this one. Also this movie had a lot of comercials, and made their main focus to market Quentin's name because if someone knew he directed the movie, they would want to see it.

2. Avengers Age of Ultron was another movie that had a lot of hype to it. This movie was marketed very well ever since the first movie came out. The Avengers and Marvel movies have a lot of loyal fans so when it was anounced that this movie was being made, people were excited to see it.

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Top two musical artists of 2015

1. The Weekend was one of the most popular breakout artists in 2015 and marketed his music very well. He released a new album called Beauty Behind the Madness which was very popular. He marketed it very well by being interviewed alot and even being the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. He also marketed well because he was very popular on social media with his crazy haircut.

2. Taylor Swift also marketed her music very well in 2015. She came out with a lot of new music last year and it was very popular like the rest of her music. She marketed it well by apearing on a lot of tv shows, whether its talkshows or the news. She also appeared in a lot of comercails and billboards.

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Top Five Most Popular Featured Films of 2015

1. Stars Wars:The Force Awakens

2 The Hateful Eight

3. The Revenant

4. Joy

5. The Big Short

New Years Resolutions

Personal- Get faster and exercise more

Family and Friends- Be nicer to my brother

School and Other World- Get A's in all my classes, not A-