Where is the Boa and Golem WarRobot

War robots is a multiplayer game that works on an online platform. The game is developed by the Russian developer name Pixonic.

This game has an online battle arena where players fought the battle. We also knew them as walking war robots. They launched it in 2014.

Even today, it is trending among users. This game has its currency that allows the players or users to buy new machines and upgrade their armours and many more.

Different level-ups will reward your gold and silver. This will unlock more benefits for the player. Unlock of these benefits which give access to all the new levels and upgrade.

This game has features of adding friends. Adding friends makes the game more adventurous and fun.

How is the Golem?

Golem the robot of the walking war robot is a heavy, medium and light hard-point robot in the categories of the robot. A golem is removed from the store along with the boa and Schutze.

We believe it that golem as strong as the vityaz. Russian counterpart of the robot is the light weapon which has light to medium-hardpoint in the game.

It is one of the most versatile robot with the highest firepower potential. These robots cost you silver. The health and speed of the golem are reasonable among all the other robots in the medium range of the walking war robots.

We count hence golem best medium robot which the pricing of silver. Most it excels in the bronze silver leagues.

How is the Boa?

Boa also belongs to the intermediate and average robot with heavy and medium hardpoints. They temporarily removed the robot from the portal for pondering the function of the robots.

This robot when reaches the level nine it reaches its maximum speed of 42km/hr. We consider the speed and durability of the boa as an advantage in the battlefield's game. Boa quickly slower the enemies and boost their power.

Boa has high health life compared to another robot in this category. It is equipped with thunder and okra to recover the damage and set the weapon. It has only two hardpoints and plenty of pilots.

Normally this robot has shown excellent performance in the low and the middle leagues. It has high durability and good strength with the ability to finish the enemy robots.


Even after the three years of his launch, the popularity of the game is still the same. Even today the game has attracted plenty player on its apps.

Developers claimed that people love this game because the developers have not only invested money, but they also invested time and effort for such a beautiful creation in the game.

Hence this game has robbed the heart of the player in such a short time. Their immersive and challenging gameplay has grabbed the attention of the players and so they are spending their precious time on the portal. The hack for the game has made game resourceful with the lesser money.

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