Playing for a slice of pizza

By: Corey Heath

Rick and turn to new hope.

In the book playing for pizza, Rick Dockery goes through some challenging events.

With his back on the wall and the most horrible game of his career, he doesnt know what to do. His agent Arnie calls to let him know that the Cleveland browns has kicked him off the team. Rick thinks hes good, but then realizes that its not all good. So his agent send him to Italy to play for the Parma Panthers. Rick doesn't even know how to speak Italian.

The road to success

Rick starts to make friends with the team. They let him know that only be three Americans can be on the team. Then Rick starts to notice people from america, like there running back who amazing. He even noticed there linebacker from a very good college. Once he starts doing very well and breaking his own records he gets a call from Arnie. Arnie tells him how the "Rat" wants him own his team. Get this he does just not want him own his team, he is offering $100,000. Rick thinks about it and declines it. He says he cant just cant leave the team that really cared about him. So Arnie quits and Rick goes on to win the championship game.

The end game

In the end game rick and the parma panthers go on to win the championship 33-7. Rick won 4 mvp awards. He also became the head coach of the parma panthers, they haven't lost a game since. Arnie became the manager of tom brady and in 2 months he was fired.

Rick realized what trust and family was. He knew if he needed help he could depend on the panthers. Rick went into the hall of fame in 1978. He is still alive until this day.