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Authentic Tasks in the Classroom

Authentic Task Definition-

/ôˈTHen(t)ik/ /task/

Tasks in which students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills -- Jon Mueller


Blending Educreations and Edmodo to create authentic learning

Students used Educreations to create a video discussing idioms. We embedded the video in Edmodo. This turned into a student created flipped classroom. The students watched the video during Literacy Workstations later in the week, as well as at home. They responded in Edmodo by giving examples unfamiliar idioms.


Not Your Average Book Report

Our school follows a "40 Book Challenge" in all ELAR classes. To support this, as well as the TEKS, students are asked to write "notes" to their teachers about the book they are currently reading, or perhaps recently finished. Each grade level has more rigorous requirements. The goal is twofold; become authentic readers and write authentically. One grade level uses Google docs to submit their book notes. As sixth graders, this format is not only engaging, but much less intimidating than your average book report.


Using Blogs for Authentic Writing

Students used Blogger to develop research and MLA skills on topics of their choosing. They also acquire transferable technology skills as they add media to their weekly posts.

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