The Bricklayer Formula

written by: Daniel Narcyz / November-December 2014


This purpose of this project is to find how many bricks there would be on the wall using the bricklayers formula. We had to find out the Length the Height and using this measurements to find out how many brick there were on the wall using the bricklayers formula. We counted the actual number of bricks on the wall and compared it to the bricklayers formula answer.

Measuring the wall

We took 2 yard sticks and lined them up to create one large yard stick. When we measured the walls height in inches, we found that it was 60 inches tall. We needed to convert these 60 inches into feet and we got 5 feet. Next we measured the length of the wall by flipping the sticks and measuring the other way and we got 74 inches, now we converted the 74 inches into feet and we got 6.2 feet.


number of bricks!

The length was 6.2 feet (74 inches) and the height was 5 feet (60 inches)

so N=7LH

L=6.2 & H=5

so it is N=7x6.2x5 which is 217.


the number of bricks in the formula which is 7xLxH which N equals to 217

they are not exactly the same because some of the bricks on the wall are not the same size.

the number of bricks according to the bricklayers formula is 217.

the number of bricks that I counted on the wall was 180 and using the formula it is 217. the difference of bricks is 37. this is probably because some of the bricks are different sizes.

it is not close enough to the right answer so what we need to do is change the number 7 into 6 and then we are close enough to 180. it would be 186


In this project I have learned the bricklayers formula and found the difference between counting up the bricks and using the short-cut to find out how many bricks you need to make a brick wall. when we only counted the bricks that were on the wall, there was 180 bricks, but when we used the bricklayers formula there were 186 bricks.