Olivia Grathen 3rd Hour


  • Earn $40,730 - $122,630 every year
  • Need Masters Degree or higher
  • Study oceans floors, sea plants and animals, coastlines etc...
  • About 20 colleges offer bachelors degree
  • In 2010 there were 270 employed oceanographer in Wisconsin
  • Located at technical collages, private collages and universities in Wisconsin
  • Use complex instruments
  • When spending time at sea they live in small living quarters

Pros and cons

  • Sometimes i would work with sea animals and I love animals
  • Has a good salary
  • I think the ocean is beautiful and like nothing else, it would be fun looking at the ocean everyday


  • Could take a few years to get the degree for this career
  • It could be dangerous if my gas tank runs out of air or a shark comes near me
  • I would have to move by the ocean which means moving away from family

What you need/classes

  • Masters Degree
  • Professional Geoligist License (optional)
High school
  • Advanced Biology courses
  • Advanced Calculus courses
  • Advanced Chemistry courses
  • Advanced Physics courses
  • Basic Computer
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Chemical Oceanography
  • Chemistry
  • Differential Equations

Associations/professional organizations

The Oceanography Society

American Geoligist Institute


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University of Miami
  • Pros: soccer, volleyball, don't need college diploma
  • Cons: out of state, expensive tuition, need a high GPA to be accepted
  • Coral Gables, FL 33124
  • 305-284-2211
  • http://welcome.miami.edu
Hawaii Pacific University
  • Pros: Soccer, volleyball, tuition is cheep
  • Cons: out of state, only 85% of people are accepted, only 19% graduate in 4 years
  • 1164 Bishop Street Honolulu, HI 96813
  • 808-544-0200
  • http://www.hpu.edu

Fullerton College

  • Pros: soccer, volleyball 22,469 people have graduated
  • Cons: out of state, only accepted in person, can be dropped for non-payment
  • 321 East Chapman Avenue Fullerton, CA 92832-2095
  • 714-992-7000
  • http://www.fullcoll.edu