Peter Noyes Friday Flyers

Week Ending May 14, 2021

Upcoming Events

May 17-22nd - Peter Noyes Virtual Auction

May 17th - 5th Grade in-person Math MCAS Testing

May 18th - 4th Grade in-person Math MCAS Testing

May 19th - Remote ELA MCAS Testing

May 19th - Early Release Day 11:45 AM

May 20th - 3rd Grade in-person Math MCAS Testing

May 21st - Remote Materials Exchange 3:00-4:30 PM

May 24th - 5th Grade in-person STE MCAS Testing

May 26th - Remote Math/STE MCAS Testing

May 26th - Early Release Day 11:45 AM

May 28th - Remote Materials Exchange 3:00-4:30 PM

May 28th - Food Pantry Collection

May 31st - Memorial Day (No School)

June 2nd - Early Release Day 11:45 AM

June 9th - Early Release Day 11:45 AM

June 16th - Early Release Day 11:45 AM

June 18th - Last Day Of School 11:45 AM

Thank you the the Peter Noyes PTO for our wonderful Ice Cream truck on Wednesday!

Click on the picture for all the details!

A Note From The School Nurse.....

Spring has finally arrived, and along with the beautiful green leaves and flowering trees showering us with very high levels of spring pollen, we also have many ticks. With students eating snack outside this year they are spending more time sitting on the ground, and some are returning to class with a tick onboard. It is really important for you to do a daily tick check so you can find and remove them early.

Ticks are usually found in grassy, brushy or wooded habitats near the ground and are most active during warm weather months, but can also be active once the temperatures are above freezing. Deer tick nymphs are the size of a poppy seed and adult deer ticks are the size of a sesame seed. Adult dog ticks are the size of a watermelon seed. Ticks do not jump or fly, but attach themselves to animals or people that come in direct contact with them. Ticks are more easily seen on light colored clothing, but it is important to do careful daily checks especially after being outside.

If you find a tick attached to the skin, grasp the tick close to the skin’s surface and pull upward with steady, even pressure. Avoid squeezing or twisting the tick. Using a fine-point tweezers may help with removal of the tick. Clean the bite area and your hands and monitor the area for any sign of a rash. If you or your child develops a fever or rash, contact your physician for further evaluation.

School Supply kits on sale now!

School supply kits for next school year are on sale and will run through 6/18 - all orders should be placed online, and kits will be delivered to your home this summer!

Avoid the lines and crowds - place your order today!

Simply go to, our School’s Account# is 86094. Be sure to select the grade your child will be in for next school year.

Current 5th Grade Families: Please visit to place supply kit orders if your child is moving on to Curtis Middle School!

Any questions, contact Jenn LeMire.

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