Mrs. Faccio's Newsletter

November 15, 2013

What's Up in the Classroom

Writing - Students are beginning their second narrative. They've chosen one event from their life and are working on details and transitions to make the story come alive.

Reading - We are working on conflict/resolution strategies to help us better understand the text. We are also practicing fluency and intonation while reading.

Math - Math groups are back up and running smoothly. Students are working on an introduction to division and will be moving into long division soon.

Science - Electricity is still the focus and will be until mid-December. Students will be creating circuits, building flashlights and learning about parallel and series circuits.

Spelling - Students will have a new sort next week to work on in school and at home.

Bell Ringing

One of the social studies goals for fourth grade is to understand the importance of civic action and civic responsibility through volunteering in the community or helping with an important cause (special to each child). So, to kick it off I've signed us up to help ring bells for the Salvation Army. I will put together a schedule so the students can sign up. We will do six 20 minutes blocks of time. Our date is December 18th from 4-6 at Festival Foods. We will be ringing in the exit foyer. Students are encouraged to wear Santa hats and dress festive for the occasion. More details to follow as the date gets closer.

Report Cards

Report cards will be available November 15th online. Please refer to the green sheet that was given out at conferences for a reminder on how to access your child's grades. Also, please remember, we are striving for 3's by the end of the year. So, if your child currently has a 1 or a 2, it simply means they have not attained the skill yet but have all year to get it. We will revisit language, math, writing and reading concepts throughout the year. Social Studies and Science are done in units so those will not be revisited quite as much. We will remind the students of concepts but will not formally reteach the skill whole group.

WKCE Testing

We've finished WKCE testing and the kids are VERY excited to be done. We had a mini dance party to celebrate the completion. The photos are a bit blurry because I couldn't get them to stand still!!! I'm excited to see their results. The students really took their time and gave it their best effort!