Red Panda

Code Red

Food and Habitat

Red Pandas eat:
  • bamboo leaves
  • berries
  • blossoms
  • bird eggs
Red Pandas live in:
  • Himalayas
  • Southern Tibet
  • prefers cooler temperature
  • old-grown forests provide a hiding place
  • preyed by snow leopard, martins, and humans.
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Animal Descrption

  • 42 inches long
  • weigh 7-14 pounds
  • red fur with white markings
  • think, bushy tail

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  • solitary, excluding mating season
  • strong teeth and jaws
  • tries to scare away predators by standing on two feet
  • active at dawn and dusk
  • spends lots of times in trees
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reasons for endangerment

  • habitat loss
  • bamboo dying
  • many cubs don't survive
  • starvation: shortage of bamboo
  • mating season is short
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What's being done

  • not much
  • it is not illegal to hunt them