My Heritage VS Ch.12

By:Elly Abrahamson


• My ancestors came from Norway and many immigrants came from Norway.

•My great great grandparents came to the U.S for a better life. Many immigrants came for a better life.

•My ancestors came on a ship to the U.s and a lot of the immigrants came to the U.S on a ship.

My Heritage

•My parents were both born in the U.S and so was I.

•My Dad works at North Central which sells dairy products to stores.My mom is a nurse at a cancer center.

• My ancestors came from Norway. They had to travel through Ellis Island like most immigrants.


•When people wanted to become a citizen of the U.S they have to complete the Citizenship process.

•One of the jobs the men had was to work in the Iron of the jobs the women had was working in flour milling.

• Most immigrants came from Europe. They came from countries like Sweden, Germany and Poland