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Who Did You Get?

Who did you get? Who is in your class? These are probably the two most bantered about questions once kids find out what classroom they will be in when school begins in the fall. However, since most of you are not really concerned with what classroom your child(ren) will be in next year, you can probably just skip the rest of this article and read on. Smile!

Before I give you the details on the placement process for next school year, I wanted to offer a few thoughts that I have gleaned about this process during my last 15 years as a principal and 12 years as a dad with kids in school. Rewind to the summer of 2003 when our oldest (now a senior in HS) was about to enter 2nd grade. This was back in the time when class lists were still posted on the school windows! I remember distinctly talking with other parents in the community about the teacher my daughter would have for second grade (aren't these discussions always dangerous?), and I remember even more distinctly parents telling me how awful the year would be. How wrong these parents were! Our daughter had a great year, and two years later, our second daughter was assigned the same teacher, and she had a great year as well. This is not to say we haven't had our challenging years with teachers and classmates, but even in these years, we have learned that our kids were not irreparably harmed, and in fact, they learned a great deal about adapting to different personalities, as well as how to get along with others. So rather than viewing the placement process as an opportunity for me to create the "best learning environment" for my child, I have come to look at it as an opportunity to help my children learn valuable life lessons that will last them well beyond their years in elementary school.

Now for the details...Over the next few months, we will begin the placement process for the creation of next year’s classes at Cold Spring. We believe the placement process is very important for the creation of balanced and productive learning groups, and therefore, we put a great deal of time and energy into the process. We use a combination of input from our teachers, our counselor, our reading specialists, our parents, and me in order to make this process as productive as possible. As parents, we value your input. If you have any information that you believe we should consider for placement of your child please put it in writing to me (e-mail is fine - and send it to school by Friday, May 3, 2013. Please remember that you may not request a specific teacher. In addition, your child’s current teacher cannot assign students to a specific teacher for next year, so we ask that you not speak with your him or her about next year’s teacher. We will use all the information available to us to provide the best possible placement for your child(ren) next year.

Here's a great parenting article I recently stumbled upon that really challenged my thinking. Click on the link below to read.

Move-Up Day

Tuesday, Jun 18th, 9am

Cold Spring Classrooms

Students will meet their new teacher and visit next year's classroom.

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