Benefield Elementary Beacon

May 11, 2015

Relay for Life Weekend!

Come out and celebrate with our wonderful team!!Thank you for a great campaign and support.

Saturday Work Time

Mr. Knight and Dr. Myers will open the building for the next two Saturdays. Please use your key to enter from the cafe parking lot. When the slide lock is "up", you will be able to enter the building, i.e. the alarm is not set. When the lock is "down" the building is locked. Please do not prop open doors as this is a security risk. There will be no air conditioning available for these two days.

Hours: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

May 9th & 16th

SAMs Data Collection

I will have my "shadow" again for three days in May. Ann Adams, former Benefield Principal, will be my shadow for two of the three days. I know it will be difficult not to engage in conversation with my shadow. Please know that it is difficult for the data collector, as well. The data collection days will be: May 7, 8, & 11, 2015.

Record Parties

Please remember to report to the front office conference or designated area for your records review next week. You will be working with Mrs. Jones to purge and organize your permanent records. If you are unable to complete your class records, you will have the opportunity to work in the records room during your planning, before or after school next week.

eClass Inclement Weather

Just a quick reminder that your student created projects are due on the last day of school for students. Please make sure to post a student sample to complete your professional learning requirement for our inclement weather day.

Just a quick reminder that we are completing our required professional learning online in lieu of an 8 hour face to face learning session. Please make sure to complete all required components in a timely fashion. If you need support or clarification, please see Ms. Shavaun Mincey or a member of your leadership team.

Storing food for end of the year celebrations

Just a quick reminder that it is against health codes to store outside food in the cafe's freezers and coolers. Please make other arrangements for your food. Thanks!

Family Event sponsored by Berkmar High

Berkmar High School would like to offer all schools in the Berkmar Cluster an invitation for a fun-filled bouncy house evening on May 15, 2:30 PM -6PM . The Berkmar cluster parent involvement team planned this farewell event and would love to have our families/staff attend.

Drop down menu RBES

I've spoken to Dr. Watts about our options on the drop down RBES menu and our goal of 100% for our students. He and I both agree that it is important to continue striving to get all our students reading, writing, and solving problems on grade level each year. There is no impact on your evaluation for our local school goals. Your SPG goals will be part of your future evaluations. Please select the drop down that best represents your students' progress toward the identified goal.

Re-image Laptops

If you are leaving Benefield OR plan to check your laptop in for the summer, then no action is required.

If you are returning to Benefield AND you plan on keeping your laptop for the summer, please use the sign-up below to reserve an appointment with Tracy to have your machine re-imaged. Thank you!

Signup Genius for Laptop Drop Off

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

See EOY Packet for all dates

Individual Data Sheets due date pushed back! Wednesday, May 20th by 12:00 PM

Happy Birthday!

Faith Dean 5/12

Mary Carter 5/15

Susan Arduino 5/20

Karen Freed 5/21

Marguerite Culberson 5/23

Vanessa Bronkema 5/25

Amy Kruger 5/25

Kimberly Park 6/5

Patricia Auten 6/10

Kerry Nahas 6/14

Laura Girard 6/21

Katie Macdonald 6/23

Tracye Jones 6/28

Suzanne Bross 7/9

Helen Milburn 7/9

Susan Parham 7/9

Susan Mitas 7/11

Amanda Fox 7/12

Michelle Valdes 7/12

Kirk Wilkewitz 7/12

Adaire Wooding 7/15

Marketa Myers 7/21

Mary Franklin 7/22

Tazeen Zaidi 7/22

Kelly Williams 7/23

Deborah Buford 7/24

Virginia Kahn 7/24

Janel Robinson 7/24

Gaye Thomas 7/24

Cora Baker 7/27

Deb Pristupa 7/31