Network Topologies

Bus,Ring,Star network By Ayesha Dris


A network connects devices to the internet. There are two types of networks a Local Area Network and a Wide Area Network. These are called LAN and WAN. A LAN covers a small network such as one building and a WAN covers a large geographical area.

Star Network

In the star network each workstation has its own cable that connects to a server or a hub.

An advantage to this is that it's very reliable and high performing. A disadvantage is that it's very expensive and you need to have extra parts e.g. a hub , also if a hub or switch fails it will have no internet connection.

Ring Network

In the ring network each device connects to another device,this causes a ring for the network to travel around. An advantage to the ring network is that it can transfer data quickly,but a disadvantage is if the main cable or any other network fails the whole thing will crash.

Bus Network

In a bus network all of the workstations and servers are connected to one server.

An advantage to the bus network is that it is cheaper to be installed and easy to install. A disadvantage to the bus network is that there are more data collisions and if the network crashes the whole thing will fail.