Still Here Bill

by: Tyee Davis

Audience and Why:

My bill is made for homosexuals and Americans. This is because people are mad because homosexual marriage is legal in some states. They do not notice that they are people too. They should not be treated any different just because they are gay. Being gay is treated by other like it is a different race.

What is the purpose:

The purpose of my bill is too make people treat gays as they treat others. Also to let them see that they are still humans. They can work and raise kids like normal parents. They have a better percentage of having a straight kid come out of their home than straight parents would. They could do anything as a normal or heterosexual parent could.

How will it get passed:

This is how I plan to get my bill passed:

  • send it to house and senate, let them send it to the president
  • start a rally and get support
  • start movements
  • get it to the conference committee