House of Dance

Beth Kephart

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About the book....

Rosie Keith is a 15 year old girl who has to take care of her granddad almost everyday.When Rosie's mom had a falling out with her granddad, he got really sick. He was dying. One day when Rosie was walking to to Sweet Loaves, she heard music playing. She later found out that it was coming from a place for dance. Rosie has many struggles and she will overcome a lot of her fears. " Are you ready? Step forward then and let it happen......"

Man vs. Man

Rosie and her mom have always fought with each other. They fight over her mom's love life and Rosie's granddad. Rosie's mom and her granddad got into a falling out a few years ago. They haven't talked since they had their fight. Now Rosie has to take care of him.

Pg. 69- "For later," I said... I slammed the door behind me, as loud as a door could be slammed.

"The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention." - Unknown

"Each moment is a gift not, not a given. So use your moments wisely."

Dance Shoes

Rosie discovered dance one day when she was walking to Sweet Loaves. She heard music and it led up to a thing of stairs. The stairs led her to the House of Dance. Marissa (the reception lady) gave her a pair of bright red dance shoes. Rosie was so grateful for the friends she had made and that so many people actually care for her.
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