Trump For President!

Understand Who You Should Vote For In The 2016 Election!

All The Information:

Donald John Trump is the front runner in the G.O.P presidential candidate for the 2016 election. His finances for his campaign exceed his rivals, and 7% of his money comes from a Super PAC and other groups that support him. In his $4 billion net worth, $27.4 million go into his campaign. The rest of the 93% of finances come from donations for the Presidential Campaign Fund. After all this time donating soft money to the Republican Party and their candidates, but now he gets it in return. It's not too much that go directly to him, but less than 12 million dollars. Though with the Federal Campaign Finance Act of 1971 prevents him from taking this money as profit or giving it away to unions before the end of the elections. Donald can however use it to spread awareness of his cause and travel to visit the people. Along with the Make America Great Again PAC, multiple organizations sponsor him with bucks, like the Manchester Financial Group ($50,000), AON Corp ($27,700), Ajd Construction ($25,000), MDC Holdings ($10,800), and Crown Acquisitions ($10,000). Thanks to the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, the regulation of finances for campaigns are the same as soft money and can be accessed during the participation of the election. You don't want a figure head to be a known criminal, do you?


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