Bone Marrow Transplant In India

Advanced Bone Marrow Transplant in India

Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow transplant or a (BMT) is a medical procedure usedto replace the damaged cells with the new onesin patients suffering from specific cancers or other life-threatening diseases. A bone marrow transplant surgery usually involves taking cells from the bone marrow called as stem cells, filtering them, and giving them back either to the patient who has donated for himself or to some other person. The goal of a Bone marrow Transplant procedure is to transfer healthy bone marrow cells into the deceased person after he/she is treated for a specific disease where the infected cells are destroyed with these healthy bone marrow cells. Bone marrow transplant has been successfully used to treat various diseases such as lymphomas, leukemia,immune deficiency disorders, aplastic anemia, and some solid tumors.

Ideal CandidateFor A Bone Marrow Transplant

The objective of a BMT surgery is to cure various diseases and different types of cancer. When these harmful disease cannot be treated through regular doses of radiation and chemotherapy as longer usage of these treatments can damage a large portions of bone marrow cells that actually cure cancer cells and thus a BMT is required. Bone marrow transplant surgery is also required in cases where the bone marrow cells have been completely damaged by a disease.

Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure

The success of a bone marrow transplant surgery depends on a many things, like the type of procedure you underwent, how the transplant has affected your disease, your age, and how healthy are you overall. Usually, high doses of radiation or chemotherapy sessions aren’t healthy for some people. These treatments damage the stem cells making the patient weak and doesn’t support growth of new cells. In these case there is necessity of a BMT procedure.

Usually Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are done to generate the new blood cells and this type of procedure is called Myeloablative or ablative due to its effect on the bone marrow and another method is injecting a bone marrow through central venous catheter in the bloodstream after radiation or chemotherapy procedure. This helps in generating the new blood cells on a faster pace. There are other procedures based on the type of the donor, who donates bone marrow. It either can be the patient itself, a parent or a non-related dead person, or through a umbilical cord cell storage which is done at the time of birth of a child and an autologous BMT where the cells are taken from the patient and are frozen to be used later in the future.

Risks associated with Bone Marrow Transplant

There are certain risks associated with a bone marrow transplant procedure which include stomach upset or appetite changes, blisters or rashes, bloating or blood in stool, diarrhea and your skin may turn yellow which is a condition of jaundice. Further complication include dry eyes, mouth ulcers, long lasting cough, joint pain and breathing problems. Your immune system can take a year or longer to recover after your transplant. You’ll need to keep taking medications and make a lot of visits to the doctor.

Recovery Process After BMT Surgery

The recovery process is not similar for every patient as it varies depending upon your overall health condition after a BMT procedure. Although the recovery process focuses on spending a couple of weeks or even months in the hospital after a BMT surgery. As your immune system is weak, you will be prescribed with appropriate medicines that prevent further infections. You may also require to take blood transfusions. For the first few days, your doctors will test your blood regularly to check for engraftment. You might also require to give your bone marrow sample.

After the transplant procedure, supportive care is required to prevent and post-surgery infections, side effects, and other surgery complications. This includes regular blood tests, monitoring of vital symptoms, strict checking of amount of fluid input and output, daily weight measurement, and maintaining of a protected and clean atmosphere.

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