see the history in the beautiful way of communication

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whats language

language is the way we live because language is communication which is the thing that lets us all communicate and tell people things about us or what we need such as a baby cries him or her is usally saying ,Im hungry,I pooped Im hungry that's practically theyre language because they have to hear you to copy off of you that's language

Top ten languages

Chinese, Hindi , English , Spanish , Arabic , Bangla , Portugue , Russian , Japanese , German

why do people speak different languages ?

people speak different languages because its part of their heritage or its too hard for them too speak a different language that's one reason. Another reason is people think it is against their families heritage or tradition.

why is language so important ?

language is important because its the way we talk and communicate sometimes you don't even know it that's why language is so cool its actually the only way we survive because if we got sick we have to tell the other person what we need and we couldn't have houses food . we couldn't have people to tell us if that is bad like I jumped off a tree and I got hurt I would have to tell them that it hurts you