Mentathlon 2015

A problem solving program for 7th grade ALPHA students

Thank you for volunteering to participate as a judge at our 7th grade Mentathlon to be held at Paul Taylor Field House on Wednesday, April 29th and Thursday, April 30th. Please report to the front entrance foyer in Paul Taylor Field House on the above date by 8:00 a.m. to receive your name tag, materials, and instructions. A light breakfast is provided but be sure to bring a sack lunch and drink as our time schedule prevents you from leaving Paul Taylor. Some activities may be “messy”, so please dress comfortably and wear your most comfortable shoes. You may also want a sweater or jacket, as it may be cool inside the building.

If your questions are not answered during orientation, which begins promptly at 8:00 a.m., contact the ALPHA teacher assigned to your area. Please read the guidelines in your judge’s folder found at your activity site and prepare for your first group of students.

Be sure to limit your group size to no more than 6 students at a time unless notified otherwise. Once one of your six students completes the task, you determine the points earned (using the guidelines in your packet), award the colored ticket, and the student leaves. At this time you may admit another student to your activity.

Each team has been assigned a meeting place to discuss the activities and plan their strategy for earning points throughout the day. The team meeting places are scattered around the field house. Some of the meeting places may be near your activity area. We will provide the teams with a team envelope in which to deposit their team tickets. The video below explains what Mentathlon is all about.

An ALPHA teacher will come to the meeting places after each activity session, collect the tickets and take them to the score keeper’s table. Please help supervise the team meetings by guiding students to the appropriate site and suggesting that they sit on the floor in a circle to plan each work session. During the team meeting period you may set up for the next timed activity period.

Our ALPHA students appreciate your assistance in making Mentathlon an interesting, challenging, and enjoyable experience for both you and them. We, the ALPHA teachers, appreciate your help even more….

Thank you.

Orientation begins at 8:oo AM

Dates & Schools

Wednesday, April 29 (Briscoe, Connally, Folks, Jefferson, Neff, Jordan, Rayburn, Stevenson, Stinson, Zachry)

Thursday, April 30 (Garcia, Hobby, Luna, Jones, Pease, Rawlinson, Ross, Rudder, Vale, Bernal)

Paul Taylor Field House 7001 Culebra Rd San Antonio, Texas 78238

· Take Loop 410 to Culebra Road.

· Turn East on Culebra under 410.

· Go 1/8 mile, then turn left into the Northside Athletic/Aquatic/Activity Center area.

· Paul Taylor Field House is the largest building.

· Enter on the upper level.

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