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Parent Newsletter August/September 2022

Meet your counselors!

Angela Bailey, serving PK-2nd grades


P: 817-547-1821

Laura Lavallee, serving 3-5th grades


P: 817-548-1820

Sandra Orta, Bilingual Crisis Counselor, serving all grades


P: 817-547-1800

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Amazing Things Happen at Binion!

Academy 4

All 4th grade students get to experience the Academy 4 Program.

We have partnered with Richland Christian Church and City Point, as well as Birdville High and other community partners, to provide all 4th graders a mentor. Once a month, mentors and mentees get together to learn about leadership qualities and enjoy some hang time together!

And now....introducing SPARK CLUBS!

4th graders will also get the chance to enjoy new activities of their choosing, to expand their interests and encourage exploration. Clubs include: cooking, gardening, art, and more.

** If you are interested in mentoring a 4th grader, it is just 1 Friday a month (for 3 hours). Please visit the website here to sign up. We would love to have you!

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Monthly SEL Focus

Each month, the school counselors teach a guidance lesson to all classes. Check out what your students are learning!

August- Back to school

-Introduction to the counselor

-When to see the counselor

September- Suicide Prevention Month

-Identifying feelings

-How to seek help

-Trusted adults

SEL Character Trait - Outstanding Citizen 1st 9 Weeks

Each 9 weeks, we will celebrate 1 student from every class (PK-5th). This 9 weeks, our focus is:

Trustworthiness- someone who is trustworthy is punctual, reliable, loyal, and demonstrates integrity. They do the right thing. You can always count on them.

The selected Outstanding Citizen will get their picture displayed in school, a prize, and be invited to a breakfast with their family to be honored!

The first Outstanding Citizen Breakfast will be October 23, 2022. Stay tuned!

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Our SEL Curriculum

Jack C. Binion is proud to be a Capturing Kids Hearts school!

How CKH helps supports students

-CKH is all about forming positive relationships at school.

-All students are greeted by staff members every morning and before they go home.

-Students are able to celebrate good things and be celebrated daily.

-Students help design a classroom social contract. This is a classroom family agreement about respect and how we all will treat each other. Students and staff hold each other accountable to our social contracts.

Character Strong

Every Friday, during RTI time, teachers will lead a lesson on our character traits. This program is designed to build purposeful students by introducing character traits through books, activities, and games.

This month students are learning about RESPECT. Check out the family questions below to initiate conversations with your students.

Celebration Prompts:

  • How have you shown Respect through listening lately?
  • What family member(s) do you want to celebrate for their Respect?


We have school supplies and clothes! Please email the counselors if you need these items.

Click here to sign up for the Weekend Food Program; en espanol aqui.

211 Resource Locator

Suicide Text and Phone Line- 988

Lifelines Suicide Prevention-

Cook's Children Joy Campaign

Flood Damage Support

National Parent Helpline

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