The Bond Brief

January 10, 2014

With Just 2 Days...It Was Still Quite a Week!

Boy! What a couple days it has been! From pipes bursting to 2 sick kids at home and being stuck at my house due to a house on fire down my road, I feel like I have worked a full week! (Probably payback for the 3 days earlier!) I am looking forward to a nice fresh start on Monday! A highlight of yesterday was when we had Mr. McPherson, our speech pathologist, shared his frozen Niagara Falls photos from his trip last weekend.

Remember to Bring in Baby Photos!

We are still collected baby photos of Team Bond members for our "Hats Off to Our New Year's Babies!" bulletin board. Please have them in by next Tuesday.

We finished The Secret Zoo today! We read 50 pages! Ask your child about it!

iPad Cart Fun!

After reading the end of The Secret Zoo, we used the iPads to document our feelings, responses, and summaries. Children used Write About This, Doodle Buddy, Doodlecast Pro, and the Sock Puppet app to create with! Then we practiced our Sort 12 words. We will be taking the Sort 12 test next Friday. Today the kids glued in both Sort 12 and Sort 13 words in their assignment notebook. This way they won't have to do it the following week.

Basic Math Facts

Well, we are just about 1/2 way through the year, and many students are doing quite well memorizing their basic math facts. In fact, just yesterday, Chris and Lily mastered their multiplication facts 0-9! It is essential that you are working with your child at home on their fact mastery. Memorization is key. There are sites on our Team Third Grade website that can help, as well as our Moby Max program on Edmodo. Moby Max tracks the mastery percentage of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.