Openings to the earth, By Michael Valent

What are volcanoes?

Volcanoes are mountains with a hole on the top, and every once and awhile they blow their top squirting out lava and ash destroying and rebuilding landscapes. To learn more about volcanoes read the fowling.

What makes the disaster so bad?

The worst thing is ash because it buries towns and kills people The next thing is lava, lava destroys buildings, kills people, and destroys crops because it is so hot.

Are there some pros?

Yes, there are many pros. Lava helps rebuild landscapes. It destroys everything in it's path because it's so hot and after all of that destroying the landscape is new. Volcanoes bring in more tourism because volcanoes are interesting to lots of people and can bring in more tourism jobs too!The last pro is volcanoes are fun to learn about because you never know what you can learn.

What are the cons?

  • The cons are transportation and communication blockages because ash blocks the satellite and planes can't see
  • Ash kills people by burying them and their homes
  • Lava kills living things because they are so hot

Where do they happen?

Volcanoes mostly happen in the ring of fire which is a invisible ring partially in the Pacific Ocean that stretches through Africa and Hawaii, otherwise they can happen anywhere where volcanoes are.

Ways to reduce impact

  • It's not a good idea to live right next to a volcano so it's better to live a distance away from a volcano so you don't get the full effect of the eruption
  • Have a plan, make an escape plan with your family
  • Make an emergency kit with gas masks, tools, radios and flashlights

Fun facts!

  • A volcano erupted after being dormant for 10,000 years
  • Volcanoes erupt in different ways like lava or ash
  • Volcanic eruptions can cause damage hundreds of miles away
  • Scientist's evidence can predict when volcanoes are about to erupt
  • Scientists can save many lives with there knowledge
  • Sixty miles beneath the earth are tectonic plates
  • Thick sticky lava does not flow far
  • Volcanoes transform landscapes in the matter of hours