Bora Bora

By: Dylan Davis

Geographic Information

Continent: Has none its an island

Area (sq. mi.): 16.9 Square Miles

Climates: Tropical climates

Arable Land/Farmable Land %: 0% it is mainly a tourist attraction

Capital City: There is no Capital City

3 Largest Cities: It is an island it has no cities.

Demographic Information

Population: 8,880

Population Density: 220/km2

Life Expectancy: 78.3

AIDS Rate: 3.3%

Literacy Rate: 98%

Languages: French, English, Tahitian, and Japanese

Cultural Information

Customs and Traditions: On Saturdays they have an earth oven feast.

Food: People provide much of their own food through fishing, animal husbandry, and gardening of indigenous staple foods such as taro, breadfruit, sweet potatoes, and manioc.

Clothing: Tropical/Luminous

Recreation: Island activities like swimming, fishing, boating, Etc.

Religion: Christianity

Political Information

Type of Gov: French Polynesia

President of Country: Gaston Tong Sang

Press Freedom: The press freedom is not strict

Economic Information

GDP with World Rank: $7.14 billion in French Polynesia
Unemployment: 13.7%
% Below Poverty Line: N/A
Happy Planet Index with World Rank: N/A