2015 Year In Review

By: Jacob Spindell Pd:3

Companies that marketed themselves the best in 2015

1. Samsung - Samsung released their new flagship device the "Galaxy S6" which included the innovative design with screens on both sides of the phone along with the main screen. This phone attracted a lot of attention for itself with the design, but also a series of commercials that definitely swayed the customer poll between Samsung and Apple

2. Microsoft - Microsoft really expanded their horizon when they started opening stores located in local malls to show of their products. Also to promote their flagship gaming system the "Xbox One" they allowed the Royal Caribbean cruise line to have a room dedicated to showing off their "Xbox One"

3. Google - Google "never fails" when it comes to its growth, with constant growth in all of Google's companies, Google has earned itself the title of a "monopoly" with constant growth and popularity

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Two best products of 2015

1. Hover board

2. IPad Pro

Two Worst products of 2015

1. Hover board

2. YouTube Red

Top Movies of 2015 and their marketing strategies

1. Star Wars The Force Awakens - Star Wars The Force Awakens was an addition to the already popular movie saga Star Wars done by Disney. Star Wars used a unusual marketing strategy, since the movie was already popular before the new movie Disney allowed other companies to make Star Wars related commercials as long as they promoted the movie with it.

2. Jurassic World - Like Star Wars the movie Jurassic World was also an addition to a already popular film. Jurassic World allowed the Ice Cream company Dairy Queen to use themed cups as promotion for both parties

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Top Music Artist of 2015

1. Justin Bieber - As we all know Justin attracted more of a fan girl crowed, but as he matured he has attracted more of both male and female crowds. With the release of his new album his popularity has skyrocketed

2. Ariana Grande - Ariana Grande has completely changed her look, which improved her fan base and the way people think of Ariana Grande. Now they think of her as a artist and not just a little girl on Teen Nick

Top 10 Songs of 2015

1. Sorry by Justin Bieber

2. Hello by Adele

3. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

4. Hotline Bling by Drake

5. Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

New Years Resolution

Personal Improvement - I want to eat healthier and go to the gym as much as possible

Family and Friends - I want to meet new people, and spend more time with my family

School - I want to improve my grades